Success Academy Launches The Ed Institute

Success Academy, a national leader in education reform and the Broad Prize winner for the best charter school network in the country, has demonstrated its commitment towards advancing educational reform. The school, which has maintained a top position in math and English exams, has always invited and shared its content and approach with different institutions with the objective of helping them to adopt the unique and effective teaching styles. In June 2017, the charter school launched the National Education Institute, a digital platform that will enable free sharing of literacy curriculum with other educators. Success Academy uses THINK Literacy curriculum, which has enabled them to set high standards of performance. The Ed institute will offer access to the THINK Literacy program by allowing for free downloads of the literature materials for planning, managing and executing all schooling processes.

Eva Moskowitz, the founder and CEO of Success Academy, said that the Ed Institute offers the teaching methods that they employ to achieve their admirable success. Eva believes that well trained and equipped teachers help students to excel in their studies. The institution’s highly sought after THINK Literacy curriculum seek to achieve this objective. The online program will be accessed by over 15,000 teachers, policy makers, superintendents and principals across the nation. The educators will access the necessary tools and training programs to help them improve academic performance in their institutions. The new establishment is part of the school’s expansion program. This program is expected to help 100 schools. Success Academy seeks to train over 2,000 school-based members. They also expect that this number will increase in years to come.

Success Academy Charter Schools opened its first school in 2006. They are the largest and top-performing public charter schools in New York City. The school admits low-income and minority K-12 students through random lotteries. Out of the population of 14,000, 74 percent of the students receive free/discounted lunch, 15 percent of the children are living with disabilities, 94 percent are children of color and 8.3 percent are English language learners. Despite accepting children from less privileged families, Success Academy has proven its superior teaching practices through leading performances of their students compared to zoned schools in New York City. This excellent performance has attracted more students considering that in 2016, they received over 17,000 applications for less than 3,000 available positions.

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