Reviewing How Mike Baur Has Helped Upcoming Entrepreneurs in Switzerland

Mike Baur is currently an authority in entrepreneurship across Switzerland due to the contribution he has offered towards nurturing young entrepreneurs in the country. He is the brain behind the establishment of the Swiss Startup Factory, a successful incubation hub that takes talented entrepreneurs through six months incubation. He has partnered with mentors and investors who have been offering support to startups to help them build their businesses. Before he launched the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014, Mike Baur came from a thriving career in banking, where he had worked for more than 20 years.


A preview into his history shows that Mike Baur spent his childhood in Fribourg. As a young boy, Mike always admired the life of bankers and was inspired to become a banker someday. He kept reading and looking for materials highlighting banking as a career to understand how he could become a successful banker. When he joined campus, he pursued business courses that would position him as a prime candidate for a banking career. He completed the course in 1991 and immediately embarked on a mission to look for his first job.


He was lucky to be spotted by the Union Bank of Switzerland, which offered him a chance to serve as an apprentice. His commitment and talent came out clear within a short duration and the bank finally hired him. This working relationship would last for more than 15 years. During the time he worked at UBS, he served at different positions and was also appointed among key advisers of the bank.


In 2008, after working with UBS for more than 15 years, Mike left to look for other opportunities. He had a strong profile so when he ventured into searching for a new employer he was picked by Clariden Leu, and the bank gave him a top-ranking position. At Clarident he shared his skills and helped the bank advance its policies for growth. Six years after he joined Clariden Leu, Mike Baur waved goodbye to the banking industry. He decided it was time he became an entrepreneur.


His journey in entrepreneurship started in 2014 when he founded the Swiss Startup Factory. This is a facility that incubates talented startups by offering them access to a pool of resources and mentors who guide them on the best ways to approach the business world. There are also investors who offer financial support to startups that require a boost.


Brown Modeling Agency: Uniting as One to Become Better

The of Austin, Texas has several modeling agencies that are competing against each other to become recognized as the best modeling agency in the state. However, two of the leading modeling agencies in Texas decided to join hands together to become unbeatable. Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South decided to merge as one entity, and their dream of becoming one unbeatable modeling agency came to reality as they signed an agreement back in September 2015. From the moment they signed the deal, Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South merged into a single company named Brown Modeling Agency. The goal of Brown Modeling Agency is to find the best talents and train them to become successful super models. The Brown Modeling Agency wanted to become the best modeling agency not just in Texas, but in the whole world. The Brown Modeling Agency believes that the strengths of its two predecessors can be harnessed to make use for their advantage. The network that the Brown Modeling Agency has is enormous, which is why new comers to the world of modeling prefer to be handled by Brown Modeling Agency because of endless opportunities.

The current chairman and chief executive officer of the Brown Modeling Agency is Justin Brown, who was a model himself when he was younger. He shared some of the highlights of his life when he was younger, and revealed that he entered the world of modeling back in college so he can support his studies. He remembers that he is being photographed wearing different jeans, and he is being paid $100 an hour for being a model. He stated that the world of modeling provided a decent amount of earnings for him, and he is very thankful because he managed to attend school with extra money on his pocket. Right after finishing school, he decided to study how the world of modeling operates, so he decided to go around the city and observe. Justin Brown would soon use the knowledge that he gained from observing different talent agencies, establishing his own modeling agency which was Wilhelmina Austin. Justin Brown stated that he never realized that his company would grow tremendously, being recognized as one of the largest and leading modeling agencies in Austin. With the merging of Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South, Justin Brown is expecting that they will be able to perform better.

Justin Brown is encouraging everyone who wanted to make a stint in the world of modeling to send their applications online, or to visit their office as a walk-in applicant. According to Justin Brown, the majority of applicants are sending their resumes online. He recommends sending the profile online because that way, the applicants can save time and money. Visit their Instagram page for more.


The Rise of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is one of the richest individuals in Dubai currently at a net worth of about $4.9 B. Sajwani started off with food business in the early 1980’s when he supplied catering services to the workers in the energy sector in Abu Dhabi. There were some constraints upon the US army contracts, but he forged ahead with the same. He decided to shift his interests to property in the year 2002 as he saw this as an ideal opportunity to cultivate a better future. With good links among well-established friends, Hussain Sajwani began the Damac Properties firm. He is currently the Chairman of the company which can be branded as the largest luxury private real estate. Sajwani is a lavishing developer in the Middle East and has been helping the Dubai government to improving the living standards around the world through the Damac Properties firm.

As the DAMAC owner, he has helped the Damac Property firm grew to be one of the most established properties in Dubai. Through Dubai’s decree upon allowing foreigners the ownership of properties in Dubai, Sajwani took this an advantage over his business. He channeled his focus on selling properties mainly to the non-Emirates buyers. He purchased land in the then un-developed section of Dubai and sold some units in his first 38-storey residential building in a period of less than six months right before he commenced on the constructions. During this time, Sajwani teamed up with Donald Trump at the beginning of 2013. They agreed to the development of two Trump-branded golf courses.

In 2017, the Trump International Golf Course Dubai was opened at Damac’s Akoya residential development. Later on, Tiger Woods helped design the Trump World Golf Course, which is to be opened separately from the Damac development in 2018.Sajwani still carries on with his food business by Damac. He seeks to enhance his business relationships with Donald Trump which will see to it that he continues prospering. Ideally, Sajwani is focusing on real estate business which has seen to it current development In Dubai. Hussain Sajwani family relationship with Donald Trump has been improving through the years.

Boraie Development LLC Reconstructs and Redesigns Urban Cities

Boraie Development LLC is a real estate company based in New Brunswick New Jersey that focuses on outstanding urban development. Boraie Omar is a 72-year-old president of the enterprise and takes prides that his vision the great city of New Brunswick has taken new shape over the years.

When he was starting the business, his aim was to reconstruct the news Brunswick to look similar to what he had experienced as a traveling scholar in Europe. While in Europe, he worked as an itinerant scholar of chemistry, and he says that it was awful when it started his business in 1972. Every individual left New Brunswick after, and the condition made it be deserted. The construction of 21 vacant and run-down buildings was the first projected to be handled by the company. The majority of people believed that Omar’s idea of building high rise office apartments and condos in downtown New Brunswick was crazy. He completed building the Albany Street Plaza Tower One in the 1980s and 1990s, and it was a 250000 square foot office apartment. The building provided the town with a perfectly designed office space that had a higher demand.

Sam Boraie discovered that there was a high demand for quality residential apartments in New Brunswick. He projected a high rise apartment complex similar to New York City whereby he constructed a 25 story apartment that has 121 units known as Spring Street Condominium Building. Also in the building, you will get office space, retail stores, and parking garage. The apartment was completed in 2007.

As his business was growing, Omar saw a market for luxurious development. According to Crunchbase, the majority of professional doctors, lawyers, teachers and firefighters and business experts needed to work in the city while enjoying the developed downtown. The aim of this real estate developer was to attract good quality tenants. The Aspire is designed for young and vibrant residents who are looking for convenience and style. The apartment is located in a wide variety of restaurants, entertainment and night life.

Boraie Omar is a real estate development company that offers a variety of service specializing in all regions of the urban housing markets. The company works with a team that is committed to building spectacular apartments while providing unparalleled services to its customers. The company’s forte has been partnering with well-established financial institutions, architects who share the same vision. They also work with contractors who understand deadlines while ensuring timely completion and success of their projects.

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Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping- The City’s Entertainment Hub

Roberto Santiago is recognized across Brazil for his huge investments and success in the shopping mall industry. One of the most successful investments developed by Roberto is Manaira Shopping. This mall was launched in 1989, after two years of construction. The Manaira Shopping is located in Joao Pessoa, between the northern coast beaches and the city center. The mall has made Roberto Santiago a reference of diversification and investment in the entire state of Paraiba. Five major renovations have been performed on the mall since it was launched. It is one area the entrepreneur has focused on as a way of ensuring complete customer satisfaction whenever they visit the mall.


Manaira Shopping mall is recognized for offering unmatched fun, entertainment, leisure and comfort in the entire city. It has numerous venues offering entertainment and fun to customers of all ages. The mall is centrally located to offer ease of access to urban dwellers. The mall is constructed on 75000sq meter of Gross Lettable Area (ABL) and has 280 stores. Roberto Santiago’s aim was to ensure that the mall is able to offer satisfaction to the entire family. Roberto developed Manaira Shopping to be an entertainment hub in the region. It has about 200 gaming machines with different game themes to address the needs of all fans.


The bowling alley has fantastic features for both kids and adults who want to enjoy this game. The bowling tracks are modernized and electronically controlled. Manaira Shopping is the place where you can enjoy the very latest movies in the movie theater venue. There are eleven halls, where modern devices and display units are installed for high quality viewing. There is also VIP and 3D rooms for those who want to enjoy amazing visibility. The mall has several food courts offering all variety of meals from fast food, snacks to executive dining experience. The restaurant sections have been expanded three times in order to offer a variety of delicacies to serve the needs of all, including foreigners.


The Domus Hall is another venue that was added on the rooftop of Manaira Shopping in 2009. It is a facility that hosts numerous functions including live concerts, wedding reception, graduation ceremony, family gatherings and others. It has mezzanine floor where private events are held and the ground floor for hosting events with large number of audience. It has the best sound devices for complete entertainment.


About Roberto Santiago


Mr. Santiago started his career at Café Santa Rosa before he proceeded and founded a carton manufacturing firm. He pursued his studies at University Center of Joao Pessoa, where he attained his degree in Business Administration. Roberto Santiago spends his leisure time participating in kart and motocross competitions.


Paul Mampilly Achieves A Great Milestone For His Company

Ever wondered the best example of a character to illustrate the proverbial term of moving from rags to riches, and then wonder no more because Paul Mampilly is that individual. Paul Mampilly started out as a newspaper guy for several years, his initial job being at Palm Beach Letter and later on advanced to run several financial papers as an advisor before finally retiring from active duty at the age of 40 years to concentrate on his family. Before packing and moving back home, he ran a newsletter for the Sovereign Society “an entry level” which was part of the Profits Unlimited service.

The motivating factors for Paul Mampilly was to assist the American people create and amass wealth through growth investing, small cap stocks and special opportunities. He has been an instrumental man in improving the structures of companies as he was at some point part of a team that managed $23million mutual fund and $6 billion hedge fund that Barron named as one of the world’s best hedge funds in 2008. During his tenure, he kept an active and reliable client list that included the European Aristocracy, Swiss private banks and many more.

Paul Mampilly wrote a couple of articles that stood out and some of the articles are: Better than Botox, Our Ebola Stocks could Double Overnight, Don’t miss the biggest Biotech Market ever and How to trade the Ebola Tipping Point just to mention a few.

And yes, you may be still at awe at how Paul’s Stocks were as he was, we can say one of the greatest financial advisors on the face of the earth “immortal” when it comes to tech stocks. This is how his stocks were or still is according to an ad just to give an give an illustration:
“The Greatest Innovation In History…7-Times Bigger Than Computers, Tablets And Smartphones…COMBINED!
“Experts Predict 50 Billion Devices Will Utilize This New Technology By 2020. Early Investors Stand To Reap Tremendous Rewards As Its Growth Surges 8,000%…”

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Success Academy Launches The Ed Institute

Success Academy, a national leader in education reform and the Broad Prize winner for the best charter school network in the country, has demonstrated its commitment towards advancing educational reform. The school, which has maintained a top position in math and English exams, has always invited and shared its content and approach with different institutions with the objective of helping them to adopt the unique and effective teaching styles. In June 2017, the charter school launched the National Education Institute, a digital platform that will enable free sharing of literacy curriculum with other educators. Success Academy uses THINK Literacy curriculum, which has enabled them to set high standards of performance. The Ed institute will offer access to the THINK Literacy program by allowing for free downloads of the literature materials for planning, managing and executing all schooling processes.

Eva Moskowitz, the founder and CEO of Success Academy, said that the Ed Institute offers the teaching methods that they employ to achieve their admirable success. Eva believes that well trained and equipped teachers help students to excel in their studies. The institution’s highly sought after THINK Literacy curriculum seek to achieve this objective. The online program will be accessed by over 15,000 teachers, policy makers, superintendents and principals across the nation. The educators will access the necessary tools and training programs to help them improve academic performance in their institutions. The new establishment is part of the school’s expansion program. This program is expected to help 100 schools. Success Academy seeks to train over 2,000 school-based members. They also expect that this number will increase in years to come.

Success Academy Charter Schools opened its first school in 2006. They are the largest and top-performing public charter schools in New York City. The school admits low-income and minority K-12 students through random lotteries. Out of the population of 14,000, 74 percent of the students receive free/discounted lunch, 15 percent of the children are living with disabilities, 94 percent are children of color and 8.3 percent are English language learners. Despite accepting children from less privileged families, Success Academy has proven its superior teaching practices through leading performances of their students compared to zoned schools in New York City. This excellent performance has attracted more students considering that in 2016, they received over 17,000 applications for less than 3,000 available positions.

Eva Moskowitz : We Read at School and We Read at Home.

Success Academy: A Day In The Life Of A Scholar

Betsy DeVos Is a Philanthropy Lover

Betsy DeVos has been extremely active in the philanthropy world for decades and decades now. She’s an example of an individual who displays a genuine sense of compassion for all of her fellow human beings. She’s particularly eager about specific kinds of philanthropic matters as well. DeVos has been a major pioneer in the educational-reform universe for a long time. She has worked tirelessly to make big changes to education in the United States. She has been successful in many ways as well. DeVos’ persistent efforts have contributed to increasing parental cooperation in education. There are actually many young students who now get to attend schools that have their parents’ enthusiastic approval. Students in the past often had no option but to enroll in schools that were determined by their neighborhoods and their neighborhoods alone. That was a serious concern for countless parents located all throughout the nation. DeVos picked up on that, too. DeVos is a philanthropist and reformer who also happens to be a highly perceptive and intuitive woman.


Betsy DeVos is not the type of person who settles for results that are anything less than extraordinary. That’s just one of the many reasons she’s such an admired force in the philanthropy community. People know that DeVos isn’t someone who ever gives up easily or at all.

Politics has been close to DeVos’ heart for a long while. She was a hard-working volunteer for President Gerald Ford as an eager young woman in the seventies. She’s been part of the Michigan Republican Party. She’s been part of the Republican National Committee as well. Her time with the Republican National Committee began in 1992 and ended six successful years later in 1998. DeVos created the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation back in 1989. She did this with the assistance of her loving husband, a man called Dick. The goal behind the organization was to do positive things for the planet and to show gratitude. Focal points for the foundation include leadership, justice, the arts, education and community. Betsy and Dick are two individuals who spend a lot of time thinking about all kinds of community issues. Their foundation has given its in-depth assistance to a wide range of trusted organizations. Examples of these organizations include but are not restricted to the West Michigan Aviation Academy, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Pediatric Oncology Program, ArtPrize, and last but not least, the American Federation for Children. Betsy DeVos is constantly searching for new ways to do positive things for the many people in this world. Her number one goal is to do something day in and day out to encourage positive and productive change in modern society. Her husband has the same goal. Visit Betsy’s profile page on

Provision Of Quality Healthcare By Rick Shinto

One of the most important roles of human beings is to protect life. When it comes to health care, it is not different. The life of a patient is the most important aspect of healthcare as it defines the success or failure of a medical practitioner. Therefore, the first objective of a doctor is to protect human life. It is a requirement for any health facility, private or public, to hire professional medical practitioner that would safeguard the lives of their patients at any cost. InnovaCare Health has grown to be the best in offering high-quality medical professionalism that seeks to address the patients’ needs.

The question that remains to be answered is how the facility has grown to be good at offering medical services. However, one can contemplate that the management of InnovaCare Health has been effective in managing the facilities affair. In particular, Rick Shinto as the CEO and the president of the institution has made it grow to impeccable heights. His track record in medical practicing exemplifies real success and inspiration to the medical industry. He has managed to climb very high heights in the medical profession that is guided by hard work, honesty, and commitment to best heal care delivery. Read more about Rick at PHP PG ADS

Rick Shinto sacrificed what he was to what he could become in the future while still in university. His personality exemplifies ambition and hunger for success at the highest level. Who can question his passion? He has the drive to continuing being better. This fact is seen by the accolades he has received often. In particular, he received Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year as one of the outstanding and young personalities, who are contributing too much to the success of healthcare. Later, at InnovaCare, he received the Access to Caring Award due to how he cared for patients and educated them.

The success of Rick Shinto is also attributed to his educational background. He has two bachelor’s degrees, one from University of New York and another one from University of California. He went further and pursued his Master’s in education and later, awarded an MBA certificate from the prestigious University of Redlands. While practicing medicine, he grew as an astute and intelligent leader. This fact is evident with his seen managerial skills that have taken InnovaCare Health to greater heights. He has mastered the art of success in every challenge he accepts, and he never disappoints. Read more about Rick Shinto on BusinessWire.Com

The Iconic Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is more than just a well-known businessman in Brazil, he is owns the iconic Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. This is not just any other kind of mall but it is the true definition of a Mall built to fit all international standards. The Mall is located in the city of Joao Pessoa in Brazil and holds the record of being the largest mall in the area. Its spreads over 135,000 square meters with a parking space for 3180 vehicles and also possess a school and bank in it premises. This transforms the mall from been just large but to a public venue for all. With this, Roberto Santiago is looked up to as more of a public figure for Brazilians. Read more on

About Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall

The Roberto Santiago Maniara Shopping was developed for a period of two years and was launched in the year 1989. It has in it a rooftop concert hall, gaming area, food court, a good number of shopping stores, college, financial institutions and a modern theater that can hold a sizeable audience. The Domus Hall is a state of the art hall located at the rooftop of the mall and became functional at the beginning of 2009. It is soundproof and air-conditioned with sufficient space to hold concerts, conferences, exhibits, weddings, graduation ceremonies and fairs. The Domus Hall can hold to up to 10,000 standing and 4,000 seated individuals. Besides that, it has two story structures that provide individuals with cabins for those who require privacy and a ground floor for bigger public events. Over the years, the hall has attracted quite a number of performances from Brazilian artists to international ones. Other countless entertainment options include; a modern gaming area with a bowling alley and a movie theater that provides you with the opportunity to watch the most recent movies. When it comes to the food court, the mall still remains a trend setter and provides all with different budgets that one can afford. Its restaurants are just there to provide you with all types of services from fast food to high end dining places such as Espaco, capital Steakhouse, Waynes and Gourmet. The mall caters for all walks of life and provides all with an amazing shopping experience. This is greatly achieved by the diverse stores located in the mall. This stores include book stores, sports gear, clothing stores, cosmetics, jewelry and among others. Another thing to find in the in the mall is the College Higher Education of Paraiba which has a great number of students and faculty member within it. The Roberto Santiago Maniara Mall has played a major role in increasing the social and economic aspects of Joao Pessoa and Brazil at large.

About Roberto Santiago

Beside Roberto Santiago been an entrepreneur, he also writes film scripts and children’s books. He has also played a role in directing films such as; ‘The Longest Penalty in the world’ and an adult literature dubbed ‘Ana’ that speaks about addictions. Santiago also aspires to be the bestseller with the publishing company, Planeta through his works as an author. With Roberto Santiago, all you get is always at its highest standards; he never fails when it comes to creating standards and living up to them. Read more on