How Traveling Vineyard is Creating Work-from-home Opportunities

Work-from-home opportunities are increasingly becoming popular these days because of the strict requirements for “9 to 5” jobs. When you search the Internet for such opportunities, most of the search results are links to illegitimate companies or jobs with little pay. Traveling Vineyard is giving people a chance to build and run a business from the comfort of their couches with no technical expertise or marketing experience required.

How to get started with Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is giving people, who love hosting parties, a chance to become Wine Guides. However, this job offer is only applicable to those who are above 21 years of age. When working from home, you get the freedom to perform your day-to-day house chores as you push Traveling Vineyard’s wine products to clients.

Once you sign up to be a Wine Guide, you will be provided with a Sommology Kit, which gives you insights on the fundamentals of wine and the wine business. The kit also helps you to understand how foodstuffs can be paired with wine.

Traveling Vineyard is a lucrative solution for those interested in work-from-home opportunities because of its exceptional business model. The company allows people to build a business from home with minimal capital. To be precise, you are required to pay $189 to get a complete Success Kit, which comprises of two tasting sets with five wine bottles each. This kit is enough for you to organize two parties.

The catch

Users get to access tutorials and articles covering all the basics of wine from Traveling Vineyard’s online Training Center. Furthermore, new members get a website, which is free for three months and charged $15.95 every month after the free period ends. They can use the website to market wines and accept online orders. They also get a discount of 20% on all products they purchase from Traveling Vineyard. Wine Guides get a commission of 15 to 35 percent of sales they make.

About Traveling Vineyard

Travel Vineyard is a wine tasting company that reaches wine enthusiasts through Wine Guides. Since 2001, the company’s mission is centered on making tastings affordable and hustle-free. The company is hopeful that more people will get the opportunity to experience the possibilities in every tasting. Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guides have a shared goal of bringing joy to clients. They are spread all over the country with a mission of sharing the company’s passion and love. Through this initiative, Traveling Vineyard seeks to build long-lasting friendships and memories. The firm is also changing the way people view wine tastings and shop for wine.