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It’s clear to see that cosmetic queen Doe Deere does not shy away from color. In fact, she runs to it and has built a brand around it. With that being said her company Lime Crime has a lot of new and fun products coming out, some of them are nostalgic, vibrant, and even plays on the colors of spring.


Doe has always had a little entrepreneur inside of her starting off when she was in school as a 13 year old. Ms. Deere convinced her classmates that temporary tattoos were really cool and sold them. This was her first taste of entrepreneurship. She also loves to inspire other women who want to be entrepreneurs. Her advice is that you need to follow your passion and listen to your inner voice. Finding a gap in the market or niche will help you stand out from your competitors. Doe found a niche at the time of makeup when it was all about the whole “natural” look back in 2008. She wanted usual, bright, and fun colors that were almost completely non-existent at the time. Deere did some research and found that other people wanted the same thing and so Lime Crime was born. The other great thing about Lime Crime is that it is completely vegan and cruelty-free. She has a passion for animals and even donates to animals shelter and other related causes. Lime Crime is even certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny.


The super successful cosmetic line has an array of products that are very pigmented and long lasting. When asked how she achieved this it was simple. Doe Deere accredits it to having a fantastic and talented team who worked wonderfully together. She also has to personally approve each product before it hit the marker. If it doesn’t scream Lime Crime’s very essence, it does not get the stamp of approval. One of their newest products to hit the market is their Venus collection. Three eye palettes that take inspiration from spring are the die for. Hues like pink, purple, and reds are just what spring is calling for to feel your best. Not only are these colors beautiful, but the packaging is a work of art itself. The goddess Venus is beautifully displayed on the cover in an artful way.


Doe Deere and Lime Crime also just unveiled their new line of unicorn hair dye for all you color lovers out there. Colorful hair is very trendy right now and Doe Deere wanted to be a part of it. She too had been dying her hair in every colorful shade you can imagine for the past decade. Doe knows that people love to express themselves with makeup but also with their hair, especially when it comes to women. They are always constantly changing up their hair with time. How does Ms. Deere get the word out about her products? Social media is the ultimate way to show off fabulous new products. Lime Crime has a huge following especially on Instagram. That is how they can reach so many people at one time. Doe is not just a businesswoman who just focuses on sales, but really loves to interact with her fans. Social media is a great way for her to talk to them, listen to their concerns, comments, and admire their new makeup looks. Learn more:

Dr. Saad Saad – recap article

Dr. Saad Saad is happy concerning the prospects that genetic study has bestowed upon the medical field. He’s viewing the sector with a brand new sense of enlightenment. The genetic analysis being done will reveal the categories of diseases which will be preventable by correcting genetic disorders. He believes that the study of biology will correct cancers and alternative chronic diseases. He believes that genes hold the answer to our questions concerning the connection between diseases of the past, present, and future. Dr. Saad Saad is a robust practitioner of medical analysis. In his forty years as a pediatric doctor, he has developed varied medicinal procedures, and he has remained well informed about the latest techniques. The techniques his colleagues have created have offered him a brand new sense of risk. He reviews the most recent handbooks before he performs a surgery, and he reviews the precise steps he’s going to do in every medicinal procedure. The kids he cares for rely on him, and he cherishes this responsibility.


The analysis that Dr. Saad Saad has done has resulted in the development of a number of the most effective medical tools accessible. He built the proprietary catheter tubing with magnetism location and the endoscope with a suction-irrigation tube. The devices have created the latest advances in the medical field and have made it a lot more economical. His peers have used the devices, and their patients have had safer procedures because of the inventions. The procedures concerned in multiple surgeries need doctors to understand what’s occurring within patient’s body before cutting them open. The medical instrument is the small camera that shows doctors what’s occurring. The tubing is the tube that’s used for draining the surplus fluid in every patient’s lungs, legs, heart, windpipe, stomach, or alternative space.


The catheter tubing with magnetism location capabilities is an upgrade to the standard tubing. Before its invention, doctors were required to use an X-ray or magnetic resonance imaging machine to discover its location. X-rays are very dangerous because of the amount of radiation they expose patients to, and magnetic resonance imaging machines are too large to use typically. The tubing with magnetism location capabilities is ideal; it permits doctors to use a tiny magnet to discover the location of the tubing. The endoscope with suction-irrigation is very helpful; it lets doctors drain away impeding fluid within the vicinity they are attempting to survey without removing the tubing. This helps doctors asses a problem in less time than they previously may have been able to. Learn more: