Dr. Jennifer Walden-Instagram

Dr. Jennifer Walden-The Beauty Whisperer

There is never a dull moment in the life of a plastic surgeon. Dr. Jennifer Walden is definitely living this exciting life. The proof is all over her Instagram page.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is no stranger when it comes to matters of the body, particularly the skin. A mother of twin boys, Dr. Walden is also a certified plastic surgeon who owns her own establishment. Her company Skintology MedSpa has many locations in Austin, TX and now new locations opening in New York, NY. At Skintology MedSpa, Dr. Walden is the leading provider in skincare services.

Dr. Walden is an award-winning plastic surgeon in the business. She serves on the board and is appointed secretary for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and also serves on the board of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. She highlights some of her operations and monthly specials on her Instagram page. From breast implants and augmentations to facials, tightening skin and botox treatments to new fat reduction procedures like Emsculpt and Emsella, Dr. Walden and her team of cosmetic plastic surgeons can do it all.

Dr. Walden and her team of plastic surgeons are great at what they do. Every procedure they do is done with quality care and in a professional manner which keeps customers happy and returning back for more. With recognition as one of the top cosmetic plastic surgeons in Austin TX, Dr. Walden has made a name for herself.

As a mom who absolutely adores her twin boys and as a certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden is living best days of her life. And by the looks of her social media, it shows.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Is A Dedicated Professional

Devotion to duty is a necessity that all doctors share. Doctors also must be passionate about what they do. Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone who understands that a doctor must want for the their patients. She also understands that a doctor must be on top of any new developments in the field. Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone to whom this comes naturally. As one of the few female plastic surgeons in the country, she’s shown that it is possible to overcome obstacles and find a clear path for success. In her own life and profession, she’s proven that it is possible to consistently demonstrate excellence. This is why she is so appreciated by her many grateful patients. Many have found her to be the caring professional they need in life. They’ve also found her to be someone who can bring the very best in next generation, amazing cutting edge technology.

Her desire to enter the field of medicine began early in life. As a young woman growing up in Austin, she saw much around her to emulate and admire. It was this drive that led to push for academic achievement. After graduating from college with top marks, she landed a place at the University of Texas. In the next few years, she would master a body of knowledge that would provide with the tools she needed in chosen profession. Her work since leaving medical school has been focused and precise with an emphasis on delivering results patients can count on. Today the doctor continues to devote her time to working with women to help them get medical treatment. Her dedication to patients has made her one of the most sought members in plastics. Given her continued determination to succeed, it’s likely she will continue to provide highly superior care.

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