Securus, Inmates and Mobile Device Use

There is a man from Delray Beach, Florida who longs for nothing more in the world than for inmates to not be able to use cellphones anymore. It’s 100 percent easy to figure out why he feels that way, too. Robert Johnson has a scary tale available to people who have employment in correctional facilities. This tale can serve as an alert to people who have positions as correctional officers. Johnson devoted 15 years of his career to the corrections sector. Managing contraband matters was par for the course for him. This part of his job, however, may have stolen a significant amount of freedom for him. He one day assessed a parcel that was notably big. He determined that there was something fishy about it. That’s why it ended up never meeting its designated recipient. There was one incarcerated man who didn’t like the sounds of that at all. One thing brought on another and Johnson ultimately had to pay the price. That price came in the form of an armed individual barging into his home on an otherwise unsuspecting morning at the beginning of March in 2010. A trespasser managed to get inside and shoot Johnson on two different parts of his body. Johnson somehow managed to fight death. It for a while didn’t seem like there was any chance in the world that he was going to pull through, however. His doctor was actually shocked that he didn’t pass away.


Johnson has not in any way escaped the demons of this awful event. He’s had to navigate many difficult surgical procedures. Persistent pain is something that has become an unfortunate reality for him, too. Nothing stops him from doing one thing, though. That thing is using his communication abilities to tell people about what happened to him that one morning at home. Johnson is not going to be content until inmates cannot access cellphones. He believes that managing their use of mobile devices will be able to promote correctional facilities that are markedly safer. He believes that managing things will bring on minimized crime rates linked to prisons as well.


Securus Technologies has given the world something it calls WCS. WCS stands for Wireless Containment Solutions. It’s a variety of technology that is suitable for contraband banning purposes. It has been confirmed to work in bona fide jail settings. It has been extensively tested in these settings. It’s even been approved. Wireless Containment Solutions so far has pinpointed and stopped close to 2 million unlawful interaction efforts. These efforts have been in eight different correctional centers located within the United States. Wireless Containment Solutions works to safeguard incarcerated people and prison employees. It even works to safeguard the public.


Feedback And An Outlook On Securus Technologies

Preventing Crime In Prisons By Using Technology


There are a variety of steps to take that can eliminate crime in private facilities. The public is often made aware of the human presence we have that provide safety and security against criminal activities. These human resources are security guards with deadly weapons.


They are military personnel assigned to the president of the United States. Others are simply daily workers who help to show a physical presence and to offer proactive sight in a secured location. The Securus Technologies group is a brand we bring into the safety equation because it has more than manpower.


Bridging The Divide Of Human Capacity


Technology bridges the gap between human error, the work of criminals and the technologies they are using. Bridging that divide and in order to provide the highest levels of safety requires agencies like Securus Technologies. The agency provides innovation in the technology the modern world has.


Human power can operate this technology, but the divide between optimal information and rapid speeds is closed with advanced technology. Such technology goes far past the system of a simple alarm bell. The advancement of criminal activity is one that adjusts to modern technology and uses it also.


Simple Solutions Made Easy And Fast


The Securus agency holds over 2,600 U.S. contracts in the private industry and continues to meet criminal technology used in the world with security technology that stands against the test of time. It took time and a rapid turnaround for Securus Technologies to establish itself in the security markets.


Today, we see the agency standing as a lead innovator who works against the advancements that illegal activities are making with technology. Securus offers technological security in every aspect. It excels as a business because it offers these security solutions simple, easy and tremendously fast.