NGP VAN Delivers on its Responsibilities to the Clients

NGP VAN happens to be a renowned provider of technology to Democratic and progressive campaigns in the United States. The organization is famous for offering their clients with platforms where they can fundraise, access finance compliance and organization of the field as well as products for social interactions. The firm was established in 2001 by Mark Sullivan, and it has its headquarters in Washington D.C. and Somerville, Massachusetts.

NGP VAN has been at the service of several influential people like former president Obama, Hillary Clinton when she was vying for the presidency and Bernie Sanders during his presidential campaigns. Therefore, it has had a massive impact in the political arena considering that it provides information regarding all the voters in the region. In that case, utilizing it in campaigns becomes a plus for candidates of political positions as they know how to approach the public during their campaigns. The campaign process takes a toll on the people involved and therefore engaging a firm like NGP VAN makes things easy and bearable.

NGP VAN exists in various social media platforms through which they assist their clients in getting in touch with their intended audience. Additionally, it is through these platforms that they offer tips on the most critical phone tools that one should have to become successful in their campaigns. Some of these tools comprise of a predictive dialer which dials numbers automatically for the people involved and they end up interacting with the intended individuals directly. With this tool, individuals get to save on money and time as one can reach a lot of people in a short time other than going door to door.

Robocalls and RoboSurvey are other essential tools that assist in identifying the voters and their individual needs. With this kind of information, the relevant people address these needs knowledgeably hence earning the trust and confidence of the voters. A live call tool as well is essential as it gives campaigners an easy time as all they need is to create a list that gets used to reach the targeted audience. In that case, NGP VAN has all its clients’ needs covered, and they, therefore, do not need to deal with various firms to accomplish their goals. The firm sees to it that both the campaigners and the voters strike a balance and when it comes to voting, informed decisions are made based on the kind of campaign experience that gets displayed.

The Platform of the Future with Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur who specializes in building platforms for exchange markets. He is currently the President of a company called WAX. WAX stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange. It is a website that allows users to buy and sell items on video game platforms.
Malcolm CasSelle has a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science from MIT and a Masters Degree in the same subject from Stanford University. He was able to invest early in big companies like Facebook, Zynga, and Bitcoin. This is a man who can help shape the future of video games as we know it. One of the ways he is accomplishing this is by creating and using WAX in different ways.
WAX is a virtual marketplace that helps players buy and sell virtual products online for specific games. By using the option of tokens in a game it makes it much easier for players to get the assets that they need to play the game they want. This is one of the ways that WAX is revolutionizing the gaming industry. The platform could also be used for real-life assets as well.
Imagine for a moment that a person could use the WAZ platform to buy a part of something really rare. This platform is headed in that direction. It will allow people to buy a stake in an Aston Martin car or a very rare baseball card. This is how fast the system is moving.
One thing to watch is the protection of consumers on the WAX platform. The platform has people called Transfer Agents who are part of Guilds. If the Transfer Agent does not do his or her job properly they will be reported to the Guilds and not allowed to take part in future transactions of a particular game. This is the best way to protect everyone involved and keep the platform safe for all users.
Malcolm CasSelle is one of the most revolutionary men in gaming today. He has made a system that can help gamers win. The system is well ahead of the real-life curve too. That makes Malcolm CasSelle happy.

The Objectives of End Citizens United

The End Citizens United is a political action committee that came into the face of political changes in 2016 in America. Its primary focus was to push and campaign for reforms in the finance sector. The End Citizens United intended to achieve this by channeling millions of dollars to the campaign of Democratic candidates in the 2016 elections.


Donations to the End Citizens United

The group received 136,000 donations, with an average donation standing at $14.86. The goal of the End Citizens United is to pass an amendment in Congress to reverse the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court of the United States made in 2010.The decision in 2010 gave PAC immense powers and provided a loophole to have large amounts of money channeled to politics and politicians. The End Citizens United mobilized more than 325,000 citizens to sign and petition for the passage of the legislation.


One other primary objective of the End Citizens United is to campaign for financial reforms in the State levels. The only means this can be achieved is by reversing the 2010 Supreme Court decision on the powers granted to the PAC. These objectives will be met with the financial backing and donations by the people of the United States. The committee intends to continue the changes once it has its sponsored candidates in the Congress.


The End Citizens United collected more than US$ 4 million in the first three months of its campaign. It is projected that it will raise more than $35 million by 2018 when the United States is entering into the midterm Congress elections. The projection is according to the USA TODAY.


Role of the End Citizens United in U.S elections

Some of the evidence for the potential and success of this committee is the donation of $500,000 it gave to the election and campaign of a Democratic candidate in Georgia, Jon Ossof. He is a first-time political candidate, and he is 30 years old. He challenged the political establishment when he raised $4million for the 18th of April special election, which was done to replace the vacant seat, left by the then Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.


The group is examining the areas it plans to venture into in 2018.The plan is according to the deputy political director of the End Citizens United, Muller. However, he has indicated that they will be playing a leading role in defending the Democratic Senators Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Jon Tester of the Montana State in the 2018 midterm elections.