Sheldon Lavin’s Achievements as a Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin has been working for OSI Group for over 40 years. Currently, he is serving in the company as the chief executive officer and also the company Chairman. He has seen the company grow from its humble beginning of supplying hamburger meat for McDonald Corporations into an international company that operates across the world with many companies depending on it for supplies. Additionally, the company has increased the number of employees and currently employs over 20,000 workers.

The Global Visionary Award that Sheldon Lavin received reflects the perseverance and determination that Lavin has shown for the growth of OSI Group. India’s Vision World Academy scrutinises the visionary leader who remains on the task of achieving the objectives no matter what. Sheldon Lavin emerged to be the one that meets the requirement. The reason to why he won the award is because he took the company when it was going through fiancé difficulties and he was able to put it into the right shape.

At first, when he joined the company he was playing the role of a financial advisor, but in 1975 Lavin became an active member, with the power to make the critical decisions for the company. After the retirement of Otto, he teamed up with Otto’s sons as a partner. He assisted the company in realising the bigger vision of supplying meat and food product to the rest of the globe.

After Lavin hard work for the betterment of the company, he managed to buy the controlling interest hence taking over the OSI Group. After taking over, he was able to transform the shape of the food processing industry.

Sheldon Lavin has amassed a lot of experiences by working with other investors in the meat and food industry. He believes in working as a team; he has passed the idea of teamwork to the staffs of his company. This has helped the company in retaining its employees. He is an excellent investor who understands the importance of using modern technology to meet customer’s preferences and tastes. He is an extraordinary businessman who has risen from financial advisor position to a level of owning and operating one of the leading meat company in the United States.


Dr. David Samadi is an interesting doctor who currently works in New York. His journey to success consisted of hard work and dedication. He tackled every life barrier that was thrown at him and made the most of what he had. He is well know around the country for his prolific skills regarding the medical field. He worked his way up and has officially become the highest paid doctor in all of New York. He is a celebrity and has appeared on some of the most popular news channels. Lets discuss a little more about how he got to be where he is today.

Samadi was born in a small town located in Iran. He grew up there but was forced to leave in his early teens due to dangerous circumstances. He left without his parents at the age of fifteen and made his way to Roslyn, New York. Dr. David Samadi went on to finish high school. He excelled during his high school years and was therefore awarded a full ride scholarship to Stony Brook University. He earned his degree in biochemistry and went on to study and practice medical procedures.

Dr. Samadi went on to become a urologist. His job is to diagnose and treat prostate cancer cases. He is very good at what he does and loves his job. He is currently the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. The main reason he was drawn toward the industry of urology was due to the upcoming popularity of robotic assisted surgery techniques. He found this very interesting and wanted to learn more about it. Samadi later went on to create his own robotic assisted method which he named SMART. The technique stands for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique and is used during prostate procedures. Dr. Samadi has found great success using the system he created. Nine out of ten of his patients are now cancer free.

Samadi has a few distinct traits that have allowed him to be so successful in his work. First of all he is very hardworking. He arrives at work at 6 AM and works tirelessly to help others. Samadi is also very stable which allows him to work such a stressful job. He uses deep breathing techniques to calm the stress that he faces. Samadi even has a photographic memory which allows him to easily locate regions on the body during his procedures.

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Betsy DeVos Is a Philanthropy Lover

Betsy DeVos has been extremely active in the philanthropy world for decades and decades now. She’s an example of an individual who displays a genuine sense of compassion for all of her fellow human beings. She’s particularly eager about specific kinds of philanthropic matters as well. DeVos has been a major pioneer in the educational-reform universe for a long time. She has worked tirelessly to make big changes to education in the United States. She has been successful in many ways as well. DeVos’ persistent efforts have contributed to increasing parental cooperation in education. There are actually many young students who now get to attend schools that have their parents’ enthusiastic approval. Students in the past often had no option but to enroll in schools that were determined by their neighborhoods and their neighborhoods alone. That was a serious concern for countless parents located all throughout the nation. DeVos picked up on that, too. DeVos is a philanthropist and reformer who also happens to be a highly perceptive and intuitive woman.


Betsy DeVos is not the type of person who settles for results that are anything less than extraordinary. That’s just one of the many reasons she’s such an admired force in the philanthropy community. People know that DeVos isn’t someone who ever gives up easily or at all.

Politics has been close to DeVos’ heart for a long while. She was a hard-working volunteer for President Gerald Ford as an eager young woman in the seventies. She’s been part of the Michigan Republican Party. She’s been part of the Republican National Committee as well. Her time with the Republican National Committee began in 1992 and ended six successful years later in 1998. DeVos created the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation back in 1989. She did this with the assistance of her loving husband, a man called Dick. The goal behind the organization was to do positive things for the planet and to show gratitude. Focal points for the foundation include leadership, justice, the arts, education and community. Betsy and Dick are two individuals who spend a lot of time thinking about all kinds of community issues. Their foundation has given its in-depth assistance to a wide range of trusted organizations. Examples of these organizations include but are not restricted to the West Michigan Aviation Academy, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Pediatric Oncology Program, ArtPrize, and last but not least, the American Federation for Children. Betsy DeVos is constantly searching for new ways to do positive things for the many people in this world. Her number one goal is to do something day in and day out to encourage positive and productive change in modern society. Her husband has the same goal. Visit Betsy’s profile page on

Meet George Soros, the Self-made Philanthropist

We talk in depth about a self-made billionaire who has endured many obstacles throughout his life but hasn’t stopped for a second on his way to success.

To talk about George Soros is to mention a historical figure in the world of humanitarian aid and philanthropic work. Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary, on August 12, 1930. By the time the Holocaust was at its peak during the Second World War, his Jewish family had managed to emigrate to London where he had studied economics and then moved to New York City where he started having success in the world of finance. His philanthropic endeavors began in 1979, and since then, George Soros has donated over $7 billion through his many Open Society Foundations.

His First Steps in Philanthropy

In the London School of Economics, Soros started studying Karl Popper’s The Open Society and its Enemies, where he clearly learned his whole philosophy of having an open world without borders where all humans can coexist without the need of division or judgment. Soros has always been against totalitarianism, a concept that has always troubled him and made him start numerous initiatives to aid people who suffer due to this concept around the world. For Soros, an exemplary society is one where no ideology possesses the whole truth about the world. An excellent society for George Soros is one where a dialogue between opposed ideas has to exist to reach a general understanding. This concept would go on to fundamentally influence Soros throughout his life; this concept is the main reason why he has always worried about helping out society. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

The Road to Success

After graduating in 1952, Soros started working at a Wall Street brokerage firm called F.M. Mayer. He then went on to work for a couple more enterprises in the same building, but in 1973, Soros founded his very own hedge fund which he named the Soros Fund. That enterprise then went on to become the Quantum Fund, and it is now known as the Quantum Fund Endowment which he started with only $12 million from different investors. This fund was incredibly successful in different periods; it has managed to keep Soros as the 21st wealthiest person in the world according to Forbes, with an estimated net worth of $26 billion.

The Open Society Foundations

After starting his philanthropic work in 1979, Soros founded the Open Society Foundations five years later. These foundations have a wide variety of initiatives that work on advancing public health issues, business development, education, justice, and independent media. But the list of humanitarian activities that George Soros’ foundations are involved with is many; the list goes on for hundreds of pages. This Hungarian philanthropist is always involved in aiding areas in the world that have been damaged by natural disasters. He has always worried about helping out in the public education sector in the United States, he is a patron of the arts, and he also lends financial assistance to many university systems in many countries around the world.

You can be sure that as long as he is still alive, George Soros will keep worrying about helping out the world in any way he can.

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Dick Devos, Remarkable Businessman

Richard Marvin Devos, Jr, (Dick) heir to the Amway empire and husband of our new Secretary of Education, Besty Devos was born in October, 1955 in Michigan to wealthy Richard Devos, Sr. The elder Devos is co-founder of Amway and once owner of the Orlando Magic Basketball team. A graduate of Northwood University Dick, is the father to four grown children, two boys and two girls.

After earning his bachelor degree in business administration at Northwood, Dick was accepted to Harvard University, and the Wharton’s School of Executive Study Program; however, he did not graduate. He does have honorary PhDs from Grove City College, Central Michigan University and Northwood University.

Dick’s professional career began at an early age as he recalls the young Amway business beginnings in his basement, where everyone participated in some aspect of its development. In 1974, he “officially” became a member of the Amway team learning about the different divisions. Ten years later he was made a vice president and oversaw international operations, which accounted for about five percent of the company’s revenue. When Dick left his Amway position in 1991, foreign sales exceeded domestic sales for the first time in Amway history. Dick retired from Amway in 2002 after returning to those roots in 1993.

Today, Dick has remained an active leader and philanthropist through his efforts with the Devos Family Foundation. Although, they prefer not to be highlighted for their philanthropic generosity, they recently revealed more insights into their $139 million lifetime donations. Some have estimated their charitable donations to exceed $1 billion. It’s a family affair that began with Dick’s parents and now extends to his children and their spouses. Through five family foundations, they have long been contributors to republican politics and campaigning efforts. However, their stance on public education is another passionate cause. To help individuals who may live in the “wrong zip code,” and not to condemn the current educational process, the DeVos’ simply see a need for some improvement. Education can be more than a “one size fits all” effort. Their generous giving’s also include the arts and culture industry.