What Impact Does Ricardo Tosto Have As One Of The Best Lawyers In Brazil?

A stable union is one thing that has been practiced in Brazil. It is different from the civil marriages and can be recognized for example through a lawyer. One of the requirements of a stable union is that the partners must be of eighteen years and above and they should not be married. Another condition is that the partner’s relationship should be public and lengthy with the primary objective of finding a family. The partners can register their stable union in case of a future break up to enable legal division of the assets between them. This should be done by involving a lawyer who will help in the matters of dissolution and division of assets. Some lawyers do this best and make sure that the clients go fully satisfied and that their issues are well resolved.

One of these Lawyers is Ricardo Tosto who is one of the most recognized Lawyers in Brazil. He has the best qualities that make him qualified and known as the best lawyer in Brazil. He has vast knowledge and expertise in business law since he has worked in a significant number of companies, for example, Grupo Rede where he worked as the HR and the legal management team.

Also, he has a bachelor’s degree from Mackenzie University and an extension course in business administration. He has even gone forward to be one of the founders of one of the best law firms in Brazil called Leite Tosto e Barros Advogados which deals in such issues as the commercial law, business reconstructing, bankruptcy, acquisition review, election law among other topics. He has built his company a good reputation because he has been working towards the satisfaction of his clients. He has been able to contribute to every aspect of the company’s growth and development.

Ricardo Tosto is also a reporter and a writer. In one of his recent reports, he speaks about the stable Unions in Brazil. He tries to emphasize the meaning of the relationship by talking about a plaintiff who had an alleged Stable Union with a man who was said to be still married. This is against the constitution which does not allow parallel stable Unions which may even bring in challenges when it comes to the division of assets during the dissolution of the union.