Successes of InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is among the leading providers of quality health care services to people in North America. The firm has grown tremendously since its establishment and has employed the use of modern and integrated systems to enhance the speed of their operations. The firm’s services are reliable and many people in Puerto Rico have benefited from the high-quality services that the experienced physicians offer. The firm strives to improve the lives of its members and physicians through the provision of value-based health solutions. It has been rated among the best healthcare firms in the country and has also gained popularity due to their ability to offer Medicare and Medicaid plans for affordable treatments of each of their members.


InnovaCare Health has always paid close attention to their patients and they consider them to be the major contributors towards their growth. The firm’s team is highly experienced and strives to create close relationships with their patients so as to monitor them closely with an aim of identifying their health issues so as to offer them with effective solutions to restore back their good health. Besides, the firm`s executives have also worked together with their team of employees so as to identify the problem areas in the firm’s operations with the aim of improving their services.


Additionally, InnovaCare Health has strived to improve their healthcare management and believes that great health management is best achieved when stakeholders in the firm are held accountable for high quality and transparency in the firm`s operations. The leaders in the firm belief that challenges are part of the firm’s operations and together with their team of employees, they have worked together and shared ideas to ensure that they come up with effective solutions to solve the various problems experienced in the firm.


Besides, leadership in InnovaCare is made up of highly skilled leaders that have vast knowledge in the field of medicine. Rick Shinto is among the major icons at the firm and he serves as the CEO of the firm. Shinto fully understands the health industry and he has changed the way of management at the InnovaCare Health firm. He has also published a vast number of journals to address the various health issues. Besides, Rick Shinto has also showcased vast knowledge in clinical science and together with other firm`s executives, he has always strived to see the firm grows to accomplish its goals. He also strives to maintain good communication with his team of employees to ensure that every issue they raise is addressed with immediate effect.


Drew Madden: Competitions in the American Health Care Industry are Healthy

VentureBeat, a technology website based in San Francisco, analyzed on November 17, 2017, significant events that had marked the American health care industry during the year. Amazon, the globe’s leading e-commerce giant, had made known its intentions to become a player in the American health care sector, distributing health-care-related equipment. In fact, at the time of the announcement, Amazon had acquired pharmacy licenses in multiple states.

Then came CVS Health, a Rhode Island-based retail pharmacy entity with operations across America, with an announcement that it would purchase health insurance giant Aetna. CVS Health plans to spend $69 billion to make Aetna one of its subsidiaries, according to the report.

VentureBeat, however, believes that there is more to the announcements that the apparent fact that they both touch on the American health care industry. The website reports that CVS Health’s decision was probably prompted by Amazon’s entry into the health care sector. At first glance, Amazon’s presence in the health care business—distributing health-care-related equipment—does not seem like a threat to CVS Health’s business. Analysts, however, suggest that it is a matter of time before Amazon obtains additional licenses to enable it to distribute prescription medication, a move that will adversely affect CVS Health’s business.

What a better strategy for CVS Health to protect its business than provide additional services to its clients? The idea behind CVS Health’s approach is to aggregate all health-care-related services to minimize the chances of a health care consumer seeking some services from competitors, a window of opportunity which some competitors (read Amazon) may leverage to steal CVS Health’s clients. VentureBeat concludes by acknowledging the fact that the American health care consumer stands to benefit the most from competitions in the health care sector.

Drew Madden

A managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew Madden is passionate about the American health care industry and its services to Americans. In a bid to improve the health care industry, Drew Madden ventured into health care IT entrepreneurship to enhance technology around electronic medical records (EMRs). Drew Madden also is a proven manager capable of establishing high caliber teams, unique and outstanding company culture.