Randal Nardone, Co-founder Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is a self-made billionaire averaging at about $1.8 Billion and ranked number 557 in Forbes’s world Billionaires list. Nardone amassed his great fortune from his successful financial career co-own ership of Fortress Investment group. Randal has led a successful at the firm leading up to 30 years of business experience. Upon graduation from the school of law at Boston University with a Juris Doctor, Randal Nardone made his entrance into the corporate world after being hired by Thacher Proffitt & Wood becoming a partner and executive committee member. This exposure in a leading law firm and a previous experience at UBS led him to become one of the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group LLC in 1998. He became CEO and has been since 2013. His time with the company was mostly spent heading its subsidiaries. Randal Nardone is currently a principle at Fortress Credit Corporation and co-founder, he is also COO of Fortress Investment fund IV and Fund V. During his tenure Randal Co-founded Fortress Registered Investment Trust where he served as COO.

The business magnate graduated with a law degree from Boston University School of Law, he later pursued BA degree at the University of Connecticut. Prior to forming Fortress Investment LLC he worked at BlackRock financial, UBS and Thacher Proffitt & Wood where he served as partner. During his tenure in these firms he exhibited a tremendous amount of skill and expertise which developed him as a financial expert.

Randal Nardone’s business prowess was transferred to Fortress Investment group where his articulate employee and client management skills paid off in creating a suitable environment for both. Employees at Fortress have continuously provided positive feedback most terming it as a rewarding environment that continuously recognizes and appreciates their hard work. A great number also noted the firm’s commitment to broadening their future knowledge base whilst providing an opportunity for them to learn and act as an inspiration to others.

His tenure at Fortress Investment Group saw him get appointed as president and chair various groups such as; Springleaf Financial Holdings LLC and Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC. On December 12 2017, it was announced that Fortress Investment Group would be acquired by Japanese owned Softbank Group Corp. The deal resulted in Softbank owning all outstanding shares at a cost of $3.3 billion. Randal Nardone was retained to head operations. When asked, Randal said he was very optimistic about the deal and its influence in further strengthening the company through greater credit sources. Fortress would continue to operate as an independent company in its real estate, credit funds and hedge funds endevours.


Freedom Checks As Legitimate Securities.

Freedom checks is a legal form of investment that has recently been discussed by media and most of the viewers writing them off and arguing that it is a scam. It has been proven that they do follow the United States tax code in operation for more than 30 years. The many causes of the write off have been identified to be that the average people do question the legitimacy as well as lack of clear understanding of these Freedom checks. Furthermore, they do lack clear identity of Matt Badiali qualification and to which boss does he serve.

Matt Badiali serves as financial analyst who schooled in Penn State University where he was bestowed with Earth Science Knowledge. He later on proceeded with his academics in the University of Florida Atlantic where he was awarded a Master of Science in Geology. He is the establisher of Freedom check that is one of the dominant programs of investment in the United States, and he has the largest holding worth $114, 287. In the line of duty, Matt had a chance to tour all over the world while inspecting the mines and wells. Also, during his training as a geologist, he had the opportunity to interrogate several CEOs and to learn more about investment straight from the source.

The Freedom Checks have several limitations such as; the company is involved in the trade must accept to make annual payments and also they are fueled by revenues such as in processing, storage, and transportation. Freedom checks have turn out to be very distinct from other scams because they are characterized to be a form of investment. It is therefore clear that no free money is being given out, but it depends on commitments put in place to have a profit at a future date.

In conclusion, Freedom checks have proven to be legitimate securities that yield huge returns due to the advantage of being Income tax-free investment. The reason being that Freedom check are considered to be a return of capital by the government. Also, they are all inclusive since they can be bought and sold for less than $10 thus being affordable to every person.

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