Contributions of David McDonald to the Growth of OSI Group

OSI Group is a global provider of food products that boasts of excellent growth over the years. The company is headed by David McDonald an Iowa born and raised citizen. He studied Animal Science at the Iowa State University from where he gained his Bachelor’s Degree.

At the time of joining the company, he served as its Project Manager and he was serving North American Meat Institute as their Chairman. McDonald has designed a number of strategies that have seen the company register remarkable growth.

Notably, after he took over the company as its president, huge strides have been made, putting it on the international map as one of the most successful food service providers.

Besides working for OSI Food Solutions, he is also devoted to utilizing available resources to positively impact the community of Iowa State. In line with this, he is actively involved in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative, which develops entrepreneurial opportunities for college students.

Specifically, in 2011 he planned a visit to the OSI facilities in China for some students, one of whom currently works with the organization.

David McDonald also supports his organization, Alpha Gamma Rho, through generous scholarship funding. For instance, during the building of a fundraiser campaign for AGR house, McDonald was among the first support the initiative. Basically, this involvement shows McDonald’s devotion to promoting the success of not only OSI Food Solutions but also that of others in the community.

David McDonald has been involved in a number of ventures that seek to promote the success of OSI Group. Among them is the purchase of the famous Baho Foods, a company that concentrated on Deli meat among other food products.

The acquisition did not only help the company to gain a great presence in the European Food delivery sector, but also placed it in a better position in the international arena.

Notable is also the establishment of poultry farming in one of the world’s leading poultry farming countries; China. According to McDonald, this is one of the most successful ventures that the company has ever undertaken.

McDonald, who has served OSI Group for 30 years opines that they have been able to make excellent progress as a result of the dynamic partnerships they establish with their customers., Striving to satisfy the needs of their customers has also helped them to grow.

Moreover, according to David McDonald, getting new customers and keeping the existing ones has not been very challenging since they observe high-quality standards and impeccable service delivery.

Jeff Aronin Is A Healthcare Entrepreneur Who Helps Other Healthcare Entrepreneurs To Succeed

Jeff Aronin is a physician, entrepreneur, and the founder, CEO, and chairman of Paragon Biosciences. He drew his inspiration to enter the field of helping people through medicine early on in his life when he used medicine over surgery to treat the seizures that a child was having. The medicine helped with the child’s condition and did so without having to put the child through surgery. This changed the way that Jeff Aronin looked at medicine, and since then, he has been driven to do the same for others who suffer with rare diseases.


Jeff Aronin studied at Northern Illinois University where he earned a bachelor’s degree and also earned an MBA after his time at DePaul University. He worked for years in the healthcare industry before founding his own company, which was Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC. He served that company as its CEO and helped it to help those who suffered from rare diseases. He found it very satisfying to be able to focus all of a companies resources on one particular need and learned a lot, in the process, about everything that is needed in order to hone in on one health condition, instead of a spread of them like larger healthcare companies do. He eventually sold Ovation to Lundbeck for $900 million and stayed on as its CEO to help with the transition.


Jeff Aronin decided to take all of his knowledge and expertise related to working on treatments for rarer diseases and put it into a new venture. This new venture was Paragon Biosciences, which is still a leader in its industry today. Paragon works specifically on building up companies that work to treat unmet medical conditions. The company is full of experts in various industries and has helped to build companies like Harmony Biosciences and Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals. Aronin is able to bring in interested investors and talented experts in biotech due to his own successful history, and he also works to improve the city of Chicago through the founding of MATTER. This healthcare incubator has helped to build over 200 companies, and Jeff Aronin has been a major factor in all of their successes.


Investment Research Solutions by Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research LLC is one of the leading independent investment research companies that help in giving investors with unbiased knowledge on various sectors and market situations. With the experienced team of experts in the firm, Stansberry can deliver timely research that revolves topics such as ways to maximize income, value investing, biotech, energy sector investing, medical technologies, macroeconomics analysis, resources, short selling, options trading and financials. The firm’s ability to deliver, inexorable and uncompromised understanding of the trends that are in the market has made it be among the most respected research giant when it comes to the financial industry.


The company helps its clients by offering those updates on the individual stock market, gold, oil, copper and other commodities. Stansberry Research LLC also publishes useful opinions, strategies, recommendations, their daily and weekly publications and even commentaries concerning the financial sector. Those who seek their services can get a pre-market briefing on the trading opportunities that are there in the global markets, stock, and currencies. In addition to all these services, the firm is also involved in organizing conferences where investors can learn a lot about the finance industry and the economy in general.


Stansberry Research was founded in the year 1999 and has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. The firm has more than two dozen researchers and analyst who include the former hedge-fund managers as well as the buy side financial experts. These analysts and researchers work hard to ensure that they can publish the proprietary insights to more than three hundred and fifty subscribers spread in over a hundred countries. Stansberry Research offers to their members complete portfolio solutions which include the capital portfolio, the income portfolio and also the total portfolio solution. On the other hand, they also have macro-level services which include but not limited to real wealth, extreme value, retirement millionaire and the Stansberry’s investment advisory. To those clients who like to have specialized investment research services, Stansberry Research has a variety of them, and all one needs its to contact. Apart from their premium services, the firm also offers free services which include daily wealth, the crux, health and wealth bulletin and even investor hour podcast.


Dick Devos, Destined For Greatness

Dick Devos was destined for greatness from birth. He has had a great role model, his father Amway founder Richard Devos, to show him exactly what hard work and determination could do. An feature publication was released in the summer of 2017 on Crain’s Detroit Business, the piece shows just how dedicated and motivated Dick Devos has been his entire adult life.


The article discusses how Dick has used his personal connections and incentive to help shape the employment and educational opportunities in his hometown. It discusses, in depth, how his efforts have been responsible for the construction of several building projects in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. These successful projects included a convention center, medical school, performance hall, and several other sites. His efforts and determination were also the leading forces that caused the termination of construction of several other projects in the city. Dick Devos and his wife, Betsy, have also been very instrumental in the way public schools are funded and parents’ rights to school choice in Grand Rapids. In the past decade, the very successful couple has also funded a high school. The school has a curriculum with emphasis in learning all about the aviation industry. The school is called The West Michigan Aviation Academy. The school opened in 2010 and has steadily grown in enrollment every year since.


The feature also discusses his, and his wife Betsy’s, desire and drive in the world of politics. They have both been very active in the local politics of their hometown for many years. Dick and Betsy have both sat on several boards, committees, and organized numerous fundraisers for various causes. These ambitions have recently exceeded their hometown governmental level. Both Dick and his wife are now very much involved in politics on a national level. Dick Devos currently holds the highest nonmilitary position for the Federal Aviation Administration. Betsy Devos is the current Secretary of Education. Their numerous charitable contributions have included various Republican agendas and party members.


There is no telling where Dick Devos’s ambitions will lead him next. He has created numerous job opportunities, helped shape the educational system in his hometown, and many other amazing tasks. He even convinced an airline CEO to bring business to a virtually unknown airline in the middle of Michigan. There is little doubt that, no matter what Dick chooses to do in the future, he will do it with his entire drive and motivation and he will succeed.


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AvaTrade Deserves a Good Review

In a nutshell, the AvaTrade platform is a broker service and a tool for trading and investing in different markets across the globe. There are some interesting features to the site itself that make it worth the savvy investor’s time to take quick peek. It boasts Forex, Social Trading, Spread Betting and CFDs.


The first handy functionality to AvaTrade is that it allows users navigate its platform using a demo account, so that potential traders can get a feel for what it has to offer them. To open an active account, a minimum deposit is required. This broker service is regulated by the ASiC, and its Financial Service Provider is located in South Africa. Its headquarters is located in The British Virgin Islands.


As a business model, AvaTrade places all client funds into a segregated account managed by tier-1 banks. There are hundreds of thousands of traders who use this platform. Other institutions that regulate the service are the Central Bank of Ireland, BVI, FSA FSB. However, there is one institution that does not regulate AvaTrade, the FCA.


Not surprisingly, this broker extracts its fees from the difference between the buy and sell prices involved with transactions. The structure of its general fees can be seen as advantageous to account holders. For example, there is no inactivity penalty on the AvaTrade platform. Also, there are no fees for withdrawals or swap rates. The commission policy on CFD shares is no charge.


This is all on top of the fact that there are hundreds of instruments with which to trade and dozens of currency pairings. Besides offering competitive pricing structures, AvaTrade uses MT4 brokers to get the job done right. The platform is also downloadable and can be used by Mac or Windows operating systems. Naturally, this platform is available for Android and iOS handheld devices.

Why Join the Oxford Club for Global Investors

Investors all over the world are doing everything that they can to increase their wealth today. Because of unstable economies and constant changes in technology, the wealth of people all over the world is not secure, especially if the person or family is not making smart financial decisions. Therefore, when it comes to finding investment opportunities to ensure one’s wealth, investors should not only focus on growing their portfolio through stock options and other finances but also concentrate on protecting their financial security for the latter years of life. So, it is very important to have a strategic financial plan that will help promote good financial habits and skills.


Typically, when this is the case, investors should make sure that they learn as much as they can about how to achieve their goals and objectives. Fortunately, this is where the Oxford Club can be very advantageous to large groups investor for this kind of support. So, for anyone who wants to know what the role of the Oxford Club is and how it is being carried out, here are 2 things that you should know.


  1. Global Network

The Oxford Club is known for many different things in their field. One of the most notable is being able to bring the right resources together in one centralized financial organization. This centralized organization has grown so much so that this independent financial publisher is now made up of approximately 80,000 members as far away as 100 countries worldwide. Each of which have investors an opportunity to share the experiences that they have had. Within this global network of investors, the primary aim is to ensure the wealth of its members is completely secured with tried and proven investment opportunities.


  1. Focuses on Preserving Wealth

In addition to making sure their members wealth is secured for the future by networking in their own community. The Oxford Club is also tasked with helping to their members to make low risks investment opportunities that help to preserve their wealth too. This is because the Oxford is committed to providing its members with high value low risks stocks and other associated investment vehicles.

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NewsWatch TV Reviews

NewsWatch TV is show that airs a variety of topics. They have shown a handful of things on their show ranging from mobile app reviews to celebrity interviews. The show has received a couple of awards for their work including a Gold and Platinum 2017 Marcom Award. The show has aired thousands of episodes of which they have discussed a wide range of topics. Originally when they started, they focused their show on technology. It has since transformed into much more than that. The company has spent recent months aiding other companies. NewsWatch TV is viewed in more than 90 million households around the country. Due to that, there have been a few companies who have hired NewsWatch to promote their company.
The first company who requested help from NewsWatch is called Avanca. This company was having a campaign in which a goal of $10,000 was set to be reached. The problem however, was that they only had 30 days to reach that goal. NewsWatch aired a short segment for them and the results were tremendous. The company beat their original goal by a long shot, attaining $456,551.
The next company goes by the name of Contour Design. This company needed similar help. They wanted to increase the number of sales as well as expose more consumers to their company. After working with NewsWatch, their sales increased and millions of people saw their company.
Saygus Smartphone was another company who benefitted from working with NewsWatch TV. The company was having a campaign in which they set a goal to reach. They ended up smashing their goal by over $300,000.
The final company who received help from NewsWatch TV was a professional gaming gear company named Steelseries. The company simply wanted to get their products out there. NewsWatch did just that.

Marc Sparks is a Born Entrepreneur and Businessman

Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist. He is a product of Austin, Texas and is a 1975 high school graduate. After high school he dove into the deep end of the business pool and took on the role of principal in many start-up companies. Without any formal training, Sparks managed to create and sell products that made him several hundreds of million dollars. Sparks credits a great deal of his success to his keen interest, passion for what he does, an incredible understanding of business and his ability to learn from his mistakes.Learn more :

His passion is to build companies using ideas others think are impossible or improbable. With idea in hand Sparks develops a business model and a company culture, along with short term goals and long term growth plans.


He developed what employees call “Spark Speed.” He works entirely in the present and usually by eliminating unnecessary steps along the path to a solution.  He uses those failures as a launching pad to bigger and better things whether it is a new product or a solution to address a concern or answer a question. Mark Sparks is excited about life and reveals in its day to day challenges no matter how mundane they may seem. His “I can’t win it all” attitude, sometimes as seen as a defeatist’s attitude by others is his way of maintaining balance in reality.Learn more :


Being financially secure is a perk of being successful. He counts among his riches great health for himself and his family, spending time with family and friends and building a successful business from the ground up. Without the fear of losing it all, Sparks maintains an attitude of gratitude for all his good fortune. It is good fortune he feels compelled to share with others. When he puts on his philanthropic hat, he spends his time and money helping those less fortunate than himself. A strong neighborhood and community are equally important as a strong economy and quality of all for all.


Mark Sparks has chronicled his life – the good, the bad and the ugly, in a book entitled “They Can’t Eat You.” He wants aspiring entrepreneurs to know it is possible to be successful with hard work, dedication and commitment.