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Stansberry Research LLC is one of the leading independent investment research companies that help in giving investors with unbiased knowledge on various sectors and market situations. With the experienced team of experts in the firm, Stansberry can deliver timely research that revolves topics such as ways to maximize income, value investing, biotech, energy sector investing, medical technologies, macroeconomics analysis, resources, short selling, options trading and financials. The firm’s ability to deliver, inexorable and uncompromised understanding of the trends that are in the market has made it be among the most respected research giant when it comes to the financial industry.


The company helps its clients by offering those updates on the individual stock market, gold, oil, copper and other commodities. Stansberry Research LLC also publishes useful opinions, strategies, recommendations, their daily and weekly publications and even commentaries concerning the financial sector. Those who seek their services can get a pre-market briefing on the trading opportunities that are there in the global markets, stock, and currencies. In addition to all these services, the firm is also involved in organizing conferences where investors can learn a lot about the finance industry and the economy in general.


Stansberry Research was founded in the year 1999 and has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. The firm has more than two dozen researchers and analyst who include the former hedge-fund managers as well as the buy side financial experts. These analysts and researchers work hard to ensure that they can publish the proprietary insights to more than three hundred and fifty subscribers spread in over a hundred countries. Stansberry Research offers to their members complete portfolio solutions which include the capital portfolio, the income portfolio and also the total portfolio solution. On the other hand, they also have macro-level services which include but not limited to real wealth, extreme value, retirement millionaire and the Stansberry’s investment advisory. To those clients who like to have specialized investment research services, Stansberry Research has a variety of them, and all one needs its to contact. Apart from their premium services, the firm also offers free services which include daily wealth, the crux, health and wealth bulletin and even investor hour podcast.


Career of Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert

One of the greatest lessons in business is learning from the success and mistakes of others. People who have been successful in business offer motivation and inspiration to upcoming entrepreneurs who would love to record the same kind of success. Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert is one of the people who have an inspiring story. He managed to become the head of one of the biggest conglomerate businesses in the world known as United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

He was appointed the CEO of this company in 2008 and led for 6 years until 2014. In his time in office, some great achievements were achieved. One which marks his brilliance as a businessman is how he steered the firm during the financial crisis of 2008. While others were suffering huge losses and others even collapsing completely, UTC was still in good financial books, making huge profits.

The difference between UTC and other companies was Louis Chenevert. He led the company with dedication and commitment to succeed. He did his work eyeing both short-term and long-term goals. He did not disappoint people who were looking up on him. Both the workers and shareholders of the company were pleased by the success which the company recorded in the worst time in the history of financial crisis.

Going back to his early life, Louis Chenevert realized what he wanted in life at a very young age. He took his steps towards realizing the dream he had developed. At the university, he pursued a degree in Production Management from Montreal University. With his degree, he secured a job at General Motors as a production manager. He worked with this firm for the next 14 years.

In 1993, he made a switch to the aerospace which was closely related to the auto industry in terms of operations. He first worked with the jet engine manufacturer in Canada known as Pratt & Whitney Canada. After some time, his performance as a manager was impressive, and he was taken by Pratt & Whitney USA to be executive president of the firm. He quickly impressed in his positions until he was finally appointed the CEO of the whole company.

Dr. Mark Mofid, an innovative cosmetic surgeon

Mark Mofid not only takes pride in his work and research, he is also a compassionate man that finds joy in seeing his customers happy. In a recent interview, Mofid commented on how he finds much value in helping people, many who have suffered visible body alterations caused by cancer or other illnesses. It puts a smile on his face knowing that he can help people in those situations reclaim their life and confidence. Mark Mofid practices surgery in La Jolla, California where his outstanding work ethic and personality reflects on his team. He has commented before on how it has been so difficult to build his team, as it is very difficult to meet his standards. Most of his customers return to him for future surgeries, happy with his work. He refuses to give customers anything less than a pleasant experience with excellent results.

Among many of his practices, some include brow lifts, facial fat grafts, breast reconstruction, and labiaplasty, but he has really made an impact on the practice of buttock implants. A difficult procedure, buttocks implants have often been the cause of disaster as seen in the media. Mark Mofid knew this had to change and decided to redesign the procedure. He learned and mastered the craft over a decade ago but decided to perfect it by receiving additional training in Brazil, where the procedure is 20 times more common than in the United States. Along with a company called Implantech, he developed a new and advanced type of implant, one that feels natural and looks amazing.

Dr. Mark Mofid is not your typical cosmetic surgeon. Working in the field for over 13 years, his studies and experience have both contributed to his current success. In his early days, Mark received a Bachelor’s degree from the prestigious University of Harvard. Following this, he moved on to pursue his true passion, cosmetic surgery. He joined the Johns Hopkins University school of Medicine, where he completed a medical degree focusing in general, cosmetic, and craniofacial surgery.

Co-Founder Jed McCaleb on Stellar

Jed McCaleb is the co-founder of the Stellar Company. He has become known for being an early pioneer in the Bit Coin market. Jed’s founding of the Mt Gox coin Exchange brings in a lot of profit for his Corporation. Stellar believes his Business will become a Network for Universal money. Their technology of block chains will help this dream of a Universal payment system become true. McCaleb’s new changes will restructure the whole banking system. They will bring positive changes to banking all over the world. The new technology will make banking simple to use, efficient for customers, and profitable for everyone.


Jed McCaleb runs a profitable and successful Company called Stellar. He is one of the founders and a CTO of Stellar. This Company will open a whole new set of doors for the money system. Jed sees the potential that Bit Coins will have on future Financial markets. Stock Exchanges are mainly paper based in the present day. Financial organizations like Stellar are creating new digitization technology. McCaleb sees the many ways this new technology will affect money related businesses. The Stellar Company is making plans to invest when all stocks and bonds become digitized. Jed and his Business will make lots of profits from their innovative ideas.


Jed McCaleb has had lots of success with Stellar. He started as a co-founder when the Company started. Jed worked as a basic advisor for years under other people. He is currently the highest ranking advisor for his technology Organization. McCaleb works on International payments and a type of currency called Crypto as chief advisor. A major part of his job is to talk on live talk shows about his Company Stellar. A recent Interview had Jed talking about Bit Coins, new types of currency, and the technology of block chains. He wanted to show how Stellar is positively effecting the Financial world more every year. Jed McCaleb is a force to be reckoned with in the world of money and finances. People see Jed as a professional businessman and very skillful in his career.

Ryan Seacrest Is Trying To Appeal To Menswear

To say Ryan Seacrest is one of the busiest people in the entertainment industry may just be an understatement. He does more before lunch than most people accomplish in a day. His mornings start next to Kelly Ripa and continue with his radio show. After he is finished recording his radio show, he dives into other matters that require his attention, On Fridays, he is off to LA for his hosting duties on American Idol to fly back in Sunday night to be ready to start the cycle all over again. That is just the tip of the iceberg.


Let’s not forget that Seacrest is the executive producer of Keeping Up With The Kardashians as well as 11 other programs. He has invested in Pinterest and Headspace, and he even does commercials for companies such as Coca-Cola and Ford. However, his plate was not full enough.


Four years ago, Seacrest launched Ryan Seacrest Distinction, which is a menswear brand sold exclusively at Macy’s. This year, the brand is on target to generate $50 million in sales. Seacrest also premiered a men’s skincare line this past fall.


Secrest interest in fashion is simple. He enjoys a well-tailored suit. He also realizes that most men do not have their own fashion designer in their Rolodex that they call when they need a new suit. He wanted the modern man who is always on the go to have good quality clothes that look great. A sportswear collection soon followed. Not every guy is a suit guy but that does not mean that do not want to look good in their clothes.


Now that he has gotten men into his clothes, how he is going to get his beauty products on their face? Sales were not too strong at the beginning but have improved. Men, in general, do not think about purchasing a skin line. To make the line more appealing, it was made to be a full proof system. The line promotes longevity, which is something that men can get behind.

Mr. Octavio De Lazari Is The New President At Banco Bradesco

In 2017, Brandao, the longest-serving chairman of Brazil’s Banco Bradesco stepped down. The 90-year-old left room for a youthful leader. In a press statement, he said that he hoped his legacy would live even as he resigned. Brandao also added that he would appreciate the maintenance of internal recruitment in Bradesco. That marked the beginning of a search for Brandao’s replacement.

Brandao Elects Luiz Carlos Trabuco

In a meeting with Bradesco’s management, Brandao elected Luiz Carlos Trabuco as his successor. He was confident about his choice because Luiz Carlos Trabuco had the required experience and expertise. To date, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been holding two executive positions. Recently, one of the positions was filled by Mr Octavio de Lazari who has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of Banco Bradesco. Octavio’s appointment was professionally handled by a committed panel.

Background Check

The succession of Luiz Carlos Trabuco and Brandao has been endorsed by the board of directors. His qualifications were adequate enough for him to hold such a position. He also portrayed leadership qualities that were highly recognized by the panel. Octavio meets the fundamental requirements of leading Banco Bradesco according to

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Maintains his Position

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, on the other hand, will hold his position as the chairman until March 12th, 2018. His successor will take over after the annual general meeting. Addressing the press, Luiz Carlos Trabuco said that Mr Octavio has the reporting date on his calendar. He did not want to disclose more details regarding his role in the coming days.


Luiz Believes in Octavio’s Ability

In his interview with Davos, Luiz Carlos Trabuco confirmed that the reporting date was fast approaching. He also stated that Octavio will be able to lead Banco Bradesco given his past experiences as a leader. Given Bradesco’s position in the market, a lot is at stake. Luiz Carlos Trabuco will be observant so as to ensure that everything runs as required.

Leadership Roles

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was to leave Banco Bradesco in 2016. His stay at the back was prolonged on the basis of his competent leadership skills. The delay paved way for new roles within the organization in regard to the prolonged stay by Luiz Carlos Trabuco. He became the immediate replacement after Brandao retired. Apart from that, he facilitated the acquisition of HSBC.

Why Luiz was Elected

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is an excellent leader, which is why he succeeded Brandao. He overrode other candidates like Alexandre Gluher, Josue Pancini and Mauricio Minas. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was 17 when he joined Banco Bradesco. He worked as a clerk. He was able to garner extensive experience in leadership and management. Being a visionary, he earned a promotion as the vice president. Luiz Carlos Trabuco then landed a role as the head cheerleader.

Additional Information

Between March 2003 and March 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was president at Grupo Bradesco Seguros. In mid-2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was elevated to Chief Executive Officer. The alumnus of Faculdade de Folosofia majored in social psychology. He also attended Ciecias e Letras de Sao Paulo for philosophy.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a competent leader in banking and finance. He held senior leadership positions. Through these positions, he grew Banco’s revenue to millions. Luiz Carlos Trabuco continues to serve as the chairman. He will strive to streamline the bank’s infrastructure.