Victoria Doramus Works Toward A Day Where Shelters Don’t Kill Animals

Victoria Doramus is highly skilled at developing digital and print media projects. She also has built a successful career studying trends for consumer products and services. Her professional career began in 2006 at the media firm Mindshare in Santa Monica, California, where she negotiated with media vendors and developed advertising campaigns involving both print and multimedia.

Now living in New York City, she enjoys spending her time volunteering for not-for-profits. She is recovering from addictions and finds that helping others is a very important part of that. People aren’t the only ones that need help, though, Victoria Doramus says. Too many pet cats and dogs end up in shelters where they are killed for the “crime” of being sick, old, or the shelter is filled up.

It’s for these reasons that Victoria Doramus is a committed volunteer of the national nonprofit Best Friends Animal Society. She wholeheartedly supports their goal of stopping the killing of animals in shelters everywhere in the United States. This charity has built partnerships and community programs in many cities with the goal of saving each animal in a shelter.

Started in the 1980s, Best Friends Animal Society was started by some friends who would take animals from shelters to a safe place where they could heal. They were provided with healthcare, including medicine, and provided with the love and attention they craved. Most of these dogs and cats end up in loving homes while the rest went to sanctuaries where they could live out their lives.

Victoria Doramus recognizes the fact that all animals are worthy of being loved. She hopes that one day this organization’s mission comes true which is that no more animals will ever be killed again in a shelter.

She helps out the cause however she can. Victoria Doramus can be spotted fundraising for this organization or helping to staff an adoption event. She also helps educate the public through campaigns because she wants to save as many lives of cats and dogs as she can. She encourages others to get involved or make a donation.

Alex Hern On The 5G Forum

The 5G technology at the 5G forum.

5G is the immediate future mobile computing technology. Every generation is developed to be better than the previous, thus supporting better and additional features in data transmission. It is anticipated that 5G will not just be better than 4G, but will be evolutionary and transform the different fields in computer science. During the 5G forum in San Francisco, Alex Hern, the founder of Tsunami XR, explained how 5G will facilitate developments in augmented and virtual reality. For people to embrace and utilize virtual reality platforms, according to Hern, they need to be well informed, the consumer needs a “beautiful story” to understand virtual reality.

Virtual reality helps us to project the real world in a virtual space, like in medicine or entertainment. This technology, in medicine, can be used to project human anatomy for analysis and manipulating to get actual results without putting the patient at risk. In entertainment, Virtual reality has been used to project films and games that make the user part of them. By wearing the VR gadgets, the user becomes one with the computer. Their movements are simulated and synchronized with the system. In VR, 5G will mainly be used to enhance the consumer experience in terms of body movements and visual artifacts that are simulated. 5G will greatly increase the latency sensitivity.

Virtual reality requires high resolution and high video quality since it’s transmitted wirelessly. 5G will be able to support the very high frame rate which causes high video bit rate, which is not supported by current Gs and computer capabilities, to achieve the desired user experience. Another feature that makes 5G better for virtual reality according to Alex Hern, is the need for speed in its applications, systems, and circuits.
Alex Hern.

Alex Hern is a colorful businessman and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in computer related businesses. His main focus is in the early stages of business development which have seen him establish computer technology firm and sell them while still in their early stages of the business life cycle. Alex Hern and a team of world-class leaders hold the steering wheel of Tsunami XR, a firm that provides computer-related services like security and VR support services.

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Eric Lefkofsky: Taking Bold Risks and Steps toward Finding Personalized

As a result-oriented entrepreneur, Eric Lefkofsky has become adept at finding problems and developing solutions to tackle them. This approach to entrepreneurship informed his decision to partner with Brad to co-found Tempus; a leading technology specialized in producing an integrated platform that allows for personalized cancer treatment by combining interactive data analytics and machines. The new technology developed by Tempus is aimed at equipping physicians with the capacity to analyze individual cancer patient data and therefore develop customized cancer treatment within a clinical setting. A biotechnology enthusiast, Eric Lefkofsky manages the complexities of his duties and responsibilities by delegating and prioritizing. He has built his career as a successful entrepreneur by taking bold steps and risks to come up with revolutionary ideas that have radically changed various industries including healthcare. By constantly pivoting, he has come up with new ideas and technologies that resonate with the targeted value.

Towards Serial Entrepreneurship in Healthcare

Eric Lefkosfsky is a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded over five companies over the last two decades and guided them to operational and financial success. A Juris Doctor degree older from the University of Michigan’s School of Law, Lefkosfsky co-founded Groupon. He serves as the chairman of the company that specializes in e-commerce in addition to his executive duties at Mediaocean; a company he co-founded. Mediaocean is a technology procurement firm that primarily focuses on print media technology. Over the years, he has diversified his investment portfolio by partnering with his business partner to venture into new fields such as investment banking, logistics and promotions industries.

Lefkofsky’s Input Beyond Entrepreneurship and Investment

Despite Eric Lefkosfsky’s management duties at most of the firms he co-founded, he still devotes his time to giving back to the community. As the co-chairman of his family’s foundation, Lefkofsky Family Foundation, he has helped in directed the organization’s efforts towards supporting initiatives aimed at enhancing livelihoods of many communities. He also serves on the board of various non-profit organizations including Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago where he is a trustee. He is also an author and adjunct professor. etc

Randal Nardone Co-Founder Of Fortress Investment Group LLC

As a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC, Randal Nardone and his counterparts faced numerous challenges and inclines in their ascent to becoming one of the major worldwide investment firms out there.

Randal Nardone Co-Founder Of Fortress Investment Group LLC
Randal Nardone Co-Founder Of Fortress Investment Group LLC

Randal Nardone was instrumental in doing his part to bringing the company to the state of prestige and recognition it achieves today. The early years see a burgeoning entrepreneur starting off in business with by obtaining a B. A in English and Biology and going on to earn a J.D. from the Boston School of Law.

The work experiences at UBS as managing director, principal of BlackRock Financial Management, Inc., partner and member of the executive committee Thacher Proffitt & Wood a law firm and many other positions were necessary prerequisites for one with the visionary instinctiveness to be a part of the group to forge out such a vast and immediately important investment firm as Fortress Investment Group LLC.

Today the list of credentials that Randal Nardone holds is limitless. Among them are CEO, Co-Founder, Principal and Director at FIG LLC, a Chief Executive Officer & Non-Independent Director at Fortress Investment Group LLC, a Co-Founder & Principal at FIG LLC, a Co-Founder & Principal at FIG LLC, a Chief Executive Officer at FIG LLC, a Chief Executive Officer at Fortress Macro Advisors LLC, a Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder & Principal at FM Falstaff Advisors LLC, a Chief Operating Officer & Secretary at Impac Commercial Holdings, Inc., a Member at FOE II (New) LP and a Secretary & Vice President at Newcastle Investment Holdings Corp.An accomplished entrepreneur in every sense of the term, the co-partnering of Randal Nardone and the cofounders of Fortress Investment Group put together a force that outlasted all the leaps bounds and hurdles that business ventures will throw at one. And they did it with the classic elegance and style that one would expect, which makes them all the more accomplished and deserving of every praise and accolade that could be bestowed upon them.

Being on the board of Directors at such notable companies and corporations as Springleaf REIT, Inc., Florida East Coast Railway Corp., Eurocastle Investment Ltd., Fortress Investment Group LLC, Florida East Coast Holdings Corp. and Seacastle, Inc., Randal Nardone proves that being highly accomplished and certified will make its mark in the business world.

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Randal Nardone, Co-founder Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is a self-made billionaire averaging at about $1.8 Billion and ranked number 557 in Forbes’s world Billionaires list. Nardone amassed his great fortune from his successful financial career co-own ership of Fortress Investment group. Randal has led a successful at the firm leading up to 30 years of business experience. Upon graduation from the school of law at Boston University with a Juris Doctor, Randal Nardone made his entrance into the corporate world after being hired by Thacher Proffitt & Wood becoming a partner and executive committee member. This exposure in a leading law firm and a previous experience at UBS led him to become one of the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group LLC in 1998. He became CEO and has been since 2013. His time with the company was mostly spent heading its subsidiaries. Randal Nardone is currently a principle at Fortress Credit Corporation and co-founder, he is also COO of Fortress Investment fund IV and Fund V. During his tenure Randal Co-founded Fortress Registered Investment Trust where he served as COO.

The business magnate graduated with a law degree from Boston University School of Law, he later pursued BA degree at the University of Connecticut. Prior to forming Fortress Investment LLC he worked at BlackRock financial, UBS and Thacher Proffitt & Wood where he served as partner. During his tenure in these firms he exhibited a tremendous amount of skill and expertise which developed him as a financial expert.

Randal Nardone’s business prowess was transferred to Fortress Investment group where his articulate employee and client management skills paid off in creating a suitable environment for both. Employees at Fortress have continuously provided positive feedback most terming it as a rewarding environment that continuously recognizes and appreciates their hard work. A great number also noted the firm’s commitment to broadening their future knowledge base whilst providing an opportunity for them to learn and act as an inspiration to others.

His tenure at Fortress Investment Group saw him get appointed as president and chair various groups such as; Springleaf Financial Holdings LLC and Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC. On December 12 2017, it was announced that Fortress Investment Group would be acquired by Japanese owned Softbank Group Corp. The deal resulted in Softbank owning all outstanding shares at a cost of $3.3 billion. Randal Nardone was retained to head operations. When asked, Randal said he was very optimistic about the deal and its influence in further strengthening the company through greater credit sources. Fortress would continue to operate as an independent company in its real estate, credit funds and hedge funds endevours.


Organo Gold: A Different Kind Of Coffee Company

For those who don’t know what Organo Gold is, they are a direct buy company that specializes in coffees, teas, and natural products for the body. Customers can order from a direct sales representative and set up delivery however they would like it: Monthly, Bi-monthly, or try it one time.

Started in Canada in 2008, Organo Gold coffees and teas have the mushroom powder “Ganoderma” included in the blend. Ganoderma has been used in Asia for over 1,000 years for it’s medicinal properties related to the immune system. It is a valued ingredient in many Asian herbal remedies and is found in the forrested Wuyi Mountains of China’s Fuzhou region. The Ganoderma powder is added to all of Organo Gold’s product and Organo Gold has partnered with an organic Reishi farm and has recently broken ground on a $240 million dollars “Gano Herb Industrial Park”.

Organo Gold offers four different varieties of coffee: café mocha, black coffee, café supreme, and café latte plus three different types of teas: red, black, and green tea. Both of Organo Gold’s coffees and teas come pre portioned packages. They are easy to mix with more or less water to suit the customer’s taste. If coffee or tea is not someone’s beverage of choice, Organo Gold offers a healthy hot chocolate alternative.

Organo Gold has recently branched out into All body products such as: toothpaste, herbal supplements, soap and nutritional shakes. All the body products are made with all natural ingredients such as: Vitamin E, Grapeseed oil, Mint, Ganoderm, and Whey protein.

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3 Countries Gareth Henry Thinks Investors Should Keep An Eye On

Gareth Henry, financial guru at Fortress Investment Group, is signaling investors to take a second look at Brazil as a profitable investment moving forward into the future. Whether looking at Brazil’s equity market, Japans Abenomics or Scotland’s uncertainty over the recently failed independence vote, Gareth Henry believes great trading opportunities are being presented to investors.

Speaking at the Alpha Hedge West conference, Mr. Henry made the statement that “Brazil has given rise to some of the most amazing trading opportunities this year.” Looking at Brazil’s equity market, the Brazilian Real and interest rates have been excellent for local and multinational investors alike. Gareth’s remarks are similar to those given by Fortress Groups executive Mike Novogratz. Earlier in May he made the statement that between now and the election, the probability of Dilma Rousseff winning the election in Brazil is getting lower with each passing day. The potential change in leadership will signal a major rally in Brazilian assets, great news for potential investors.

Japan is also panning out to be one of the biggest trades of the year in 2017 according to Gareth Henry. Henry believes that this trend will continue moving into the rest of the year. What’s fueling the drive? Abenomics, the Japanese government’s economic stimulus program which was initiated by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. This stimulus is fueling growth in some of the country’s biggest investment opportunities.

Gareth also believes Scotland should be overlooked by investors. Due to the recent turmoil over their failed independence vote, a huge amount of uncertainty was inadvertently created. Gareth believes that over the next year investors should be focused on what is taking place globally within the geopolitical sphere. The massive political changes experienced in countries like Brazil, Japan and Scotland are sure to create wonderful investment opportunities for investors moving into the future.

Gareth Henry graduated from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland in 2000. After graduation, he joined the global investment firm Schroders. After working with Schroders for a number of years Gareth moved to the United States to work for Fortress Investment Group. Currently he serves as the Managing Director of the Company.

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OSI Food Solutions awards

Sheldon Lavin Awards

Sheldon Lavin, the chairman and CEO of OSI Group, LLC was the recipient of the 2016 Global Visionary Award. The Vision World Academy, India gives this award. To win this award, one must show that they have turned their business dreams into realities. One must have accomplished his or her goals in business. Sheldon Lavin proved to be that person who has returned his dreams into reality through OSI Group. When Mr. Lavin arrived at OSI, it was just a modest family food business which had one client- the McDonald’s. They were dealing with meat processing and supplying to the McDonald’s which at the time had just joined the food business. His accomplishment is that after joining, he transformed the company into a multi-billion business that has a presence in over 17 countries. The company has also opened over 65 production plants in different parts of the world to serve their customers.

OSI Group Awards

OSI Food Solutions has received recognition for the accomplishments it has made. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin performance in this company has been the best. In 2017, OSI Food Solution UK received the international Safety Award from the British Safety Council. This is an award that is given to a business that shows commitment to safety management and good health of their customers. OSI Food Solutions have won this award many times. In fact, since 2006, they have won it 11 times. OSI has also received the Globe Honour Award from the British Safety Council for its excellence in implementing environmental friendly production methods.


OSI Food Solutions has made some significant acquisitions in the past few years as part of its commitment to serving their customers approximately. They have also been pursuing a global expansion plan that will see their business operation take place in all parts of the world. In the expansion plan that has been rolling out, the company has acquired some vital business in Europe. The acquisitions started with Baho Food. OSI Food Solutions acquired the Dutch food company in 2016. The intention was to grow the company’s influence in Europe. At the same time, they acquired Flagship Europe which was later renamed “Creative Foods.”

The Investment Behind Badiali’s Freedom Checks Proves Legitmacy

The legitimacy of freedom checks has been called into question time and again. The video and radio ads proclaiming the profits to be had sound tempting. But in a market rife with scam the ads are still too sketchy for many investors. Not to mention that most people still do not have a firm understanding of what a freedom check really is.

Freedom checks are the return from a buy in to a legitimate investment opportunity. Matt Badiali, the expert behind the investment calls it a prime cash grab. This is because nothing needs to be done in the investment except invest money. What people are actually purchasing when buying in to freedom checks is a stake in a master limited partnership. MLPs are business that drum up capital through the sale of tradeable stakes. The stakes allow business to operate like public partnerships. A tax statute is attached to MLPs requiring that most of the company’s intake be returned to investors. This means that 90% of the company’s profit goes back to stakeholders. Badiali calls it a cash grab because the stake nabs a percentage of that 90% return. It comes back to investors in the form of what Badiali calls freedom checks.

These partnerships are in natural resource companies. Badiali is an expert in the natural resource field. A master investors, learned geologist, and author of two newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing, Badiali knows everything there is to know about the natural resource market. He also makes his living by informing others of the advantageous prospects he comes across. In passing on the investment of the freedom check, Badiali has allows himself to become a mediator. Using his influence, knowledge, and the freedom check website to link investors up with MLP stakes. His goal is to get as many people as possible to invest so they can start earning profit. Despite the sketchy nature Badiali is sincere in his offer.

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Jeff Aronin Is A Healthcare Entrepreneur Who Helps Other Healthcare Entrepreneurs To Succeed

Jeff Aronin is a physician, entrepreneur, and the founder, CEO, and chairman of Paragon Biosciences. He drew his inspiration to enter the field of helping people through medicine early on in his life when he used medicine over surgery to treat the seizures that a child was having. The medicine helped with the child’s condition and did so without having to put the child through surgery. This changed the way that Jeff Aronin looked at medicine, and since then, he has been driven to do the same for others who suffer with rare diseases.


Jeff Aronin studied at Northern Illinois University where he earned a bachelor’s degree and also earned an MBA after his time at DePaul University. He worked for years in the healthcare industry before founding his own company, which was Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC. He served that company as its CEO and helped it to help those who suffered from rare diseases. He found it very satisfying to be able to focus all of a companies resources on one particular need and learned a lot, in the process, about everything that is needed in order to hone in on one health condition, instead of a spread of them like larger healthcare companies do. He eventually sold Ovation to Lundbeck for $900 million and stayed on as its CEO to help with the transition.


Jeff Aronin decided to take all of his knowledge and expertise related to working on treatments for rarer diseases and put it into a new venture. This new venture was Paragon Biosciences, which is still a leader in its industry today. Paragon works specifically on building up companies that work to treat unmet medical conditions. The company is full of experts in various industries and has helped to build companies like Harmony Biosciences and Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals. Aronin is able to bring in interested investors and talented experts in biotech due to his own successful history, and he also works to improve the city of Chicago through the founding of MATTER. This healthcare incubator has helped to build over 200 companies, and Jeff Aronin has been a major factor in all of their successes.