The Investment Behind Badiali’s Freedom Checks Proves Legitmacy

The legitimacy of freedom checks has been called into question time and again. The video and radio ads proclaiming the profits to be had sound tempting. But in a market rife with scam the ads are still too sketchy for many investors. Not to mention that most people still do not have a firm understanding of what a freedom check really is.

Freedom checks are the return from a buy in to a legitimate investment opportunity. Matt Badiali, the expert behind the investment calls it a prime cash grab. This is because nothing needs to be done in the investment except invest money. What people are actually purchasing when buying in to freedom checks is a stake in a master limited partnership. MLPs are business that drum up capital through the sale of tradeable stakes. The stakes allow business to operate like public partnerships. A tax statute is attached to MLPs requiring that most of the company’s intake be returned to investors. This means that 90% of the company’s profit goes back to stakeholders. Badiali calls it a cash grab because the stake nabs a percentage of that 90% return. It comes back to investors in the form of what Badiali calls freedom checks.

These partnerships are in natural resource companies. Badiali is an expert in the natural resource field. A master investors, learned geologist, and author of two newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing, Badiali knows everything there is to know about the natural resource market. He also makes his living by informing others of the advantageous prospects he comes across. In passing on the investment of the freedom check, Badiali has allows himself to become a mediator. Using his influence, knowledge, and the freedom check website to link investors up with MLP stakes. His goal is to get as many people as possible to invest so they can start earning profit. Despite the sketchy nature Badiali is sincere in his offer.

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Jeff Aronin Is A Healthcare Entrepreneur Who Helps Other Healthcare Entrepreneurs To Succeed

Jeff Aronin is a physician, entrepreneur, and the founder, CEO, and chairman of Paragon Biosciences. He drew his inspiration to enter the field of helping people through medicine early on in his life when he used medicine over surgery to treat the seizures that a child was having. The medicine helped with the child’s condition and did so without having to put the child through surgery. This changed the way that Jeff Aronin looked at medicine, and since then, he has been driven to do the same for others who suffer with rare diseases.


Jeff Aronin studied at Northern Illinois University where he earned a bachelor’s degree and also earned an MBA after his time at DePaul University. He worked for years in the healthcare industry before founding his own company, which was Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC. He served that company as its CEO and helped it to help those who suffered from rare diseases. He found it very satisfying to be able to focus all of a companies resources on one particular need and learned a lot, in the process, about everything that is needed in order to hone in on one health condition, instead of a spread of them like larger healthcare companies do. He eventually sold Ovation to Lundbeck for $900 million and stayed on as its CEO to help with the transition.


Jeff Aronin decided to take all of his knowledge and expertise related to working on treatments for rarer diseases and put it into a new venture. This new venture was Paragon Biosciences, which is still a leader in its industry today. Paragon works specifically on building up companies that work to treat unmet medical conditions. The company is full of experts in various industries and has helped to build companies like Harmony Biosciences and Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals. Aronin is able to bring in interested investors and talented experts in biotech due to his own successful history, and he also works to improve the city of Chicago through the founding of MATTER. This healthcare incubator has helped to build over 200 companies, and Jeff Aronin has been a major factor in all of their successes.


Dr. Dov Rand: Taking a Brand New Approach to Treating Age related Conditions

Medicine can often be a rewarding field as it gives the practitioner an opportunity to take care of sick individuals and make them feel like people again. No other field can be more rewarding than than dealing with aging patients. As people age, they often feel less adequate as they lose their ability to do things they were once able to do. The aging process also comes with a series of new ailments that only further this discontentment with oneself. At no other age is a doctor more necessary for a person then when that person hits their golden years. Having a caring and professional doctor that does not simply write off all aging ailments as common and therefore not worthy of treatment is essential for not only health but peace of mind.


Finding such a doctor is difficult but critical. An example of a doctor dedicated to treating issues associated with the aging process is Dr. Dov Rand. Dr. Rand is passionate about relieving and treating conditions as they appear. One condition that he feels that people don’t take seriously enough his erectile dysfunction. Nearly 50% of men suffer from it. Despite this fact, anyone who begins experiencing the condition immediately feels shame. Instead of feeling as though the condition is a personal failure Dr. Dov Rand suggests that will suffering from the condition find an expert to consult. Erectile dysfunction is regularly associated with other more severe conditions.


Dr. Dov Rand established his specialized practice, the healthy aging medical centers over a decade ago. Since then he has used these locations as a place to treat a wide ranging spectrum of disorders and medical issues. Since beginning his practice Dr. Dov Rand has developed a reputation for his innovative strategies for treatment. He prides himself on his ability to see beyond the condition to the person. Thinking this manner emboldens him to try less conventional means of treatment. His strategies have been praised as being forward thinking in their approach and exceptional in their results. Perhaps what is most exceptional about him as a physician is his ability to understand the fundamentals of his field and put them to practical use.

Investment Research Solutions by Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research LLC is one of the leading independent investment research companies that help in giving investors with unbiased knowledge on various sectors and market situations. With the experienced team of experts in the firm, Stansberry can deliver timely research that revolves topics such as ways to maximize income, value investing, biotech, energy sector investing, medical technologies, macroeconomics analysis, resources, short selling, options trading and financials. The firm’s ability to deliver, inexorable and uncompromised understanding of the trends that are in the market has made it be among the most respected research giant when it comes to the financial industry.


The company helps its clients by offering those updates on the individual stock market, gold, oil, copper and other commodities. Stansberry Research LLC also publishes useful opinions, strategies, recommendations, their daily and weekly publications and even commentaries concerning the financial sector. Those who seek their services can get a pre-market briefing on the trading opportunities that are there in the global markets, stock, and currencies. In addition to all these services, the firm is also involved in organizing conferences where investors can learn a lot about the finance industry and the economy in general.


Stansberry Research was founded in the year 1999 and has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. The firm has more than two dozen researchers and analyst who include the former hedge-fund managers as well as the buy side financial experts. These analysts and researchers work hard to ensure that they can publish the proprietary insights to more than three hundred and fifty subscribers spread in over a hundred countries. Stansberry Research offers to their members complete portfolio solutions which include the capital portfolio, the income portfolio and also the total portfolio solution. On the other hand, they also have macro-level services which include but not limited to real wealth, extreme value, retirement millionaire and the Stansberry’s investment advisory. To those clients who like to have specialized investment research services, Stansberry Research has a variety of them, and all one needs its to contact. Apart from their premium services, the firm also offers free services which include daily wealth, the crux, health and wealth bulletin and even investor hour podcast.


We Edens and Nassef Sawiris Buy Controlling Shares of Aston Villa

We Edens and Nassef Sawiris Buy Controlling Shares of Aston Villa

Wes Edens along with Nassef Sawiris have bought controlling shares of Aston Villa. The team will receive investment from NSWE, a firm controlled by the two billionaires. The owner of the club, Mr. Tony Xia held discussions with the duo to agree on the terms and conditions of purchasing the shares. Xia will retain his position at the board but also become the assistant chairman. This comes in after Aston Villa lost its play-off when playing against Fulham. Since then, Xia has been looking for investment. Reportedly, it hit £40 million. Sawiris is allegedly worth £5.2 billion in the Forbes List. Wes Edens has vast experience in sport as he co-owns Milwaukee Bucks.

Background Information

Concerning the new business deal, Xia stated that he is pleased to have a partnership with some of the most brilliant minds in the sector. He added that the duo has common goals for the success of Aston Villa and that he looks forward to pursue the objectives. Additionally, earning a promotion was crucial for him because he was on the verge of giving up. The two strong partners are gearing up to fight for the well being of the team as the future seems exciting.

Career Profile

Apart from the acquisition of Aston Villa, Wes Edens has vast experience in finance. He is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, a leading service provider for asset management. He founded the company with the help of three other partners. But, before then, he was a student at Oregon University where he pursued business administration. He later joined Lehman Brothers and worked as the managing director until 1993. He would later join BlackRock Asset as an investment advisor.


Wes Edens has been serving at Fortress Investment Group since its foundation. He is the head of the company and the decision making process highly relies on him. Not only has he helped clients come up with viable solutions for their businesses but also assisted his colleagues to make the right decision for the betterment of the company. As Fortress Investment Group moves to Softbank Group, Edens maintains his executive position.

Sheldon Lavin’s Achievements as a Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin has been working for OSI Group for over 40 years. Currently, he is serving in the company as the chief executive officer and also the company Chairman. He has seen the company grow from its humble beginning of supplying hamburger meat for McDonald Corporations into an international company that operates across the world with many companies depending on it for supplies. Additionally, the company has increased the number of employees and currently employs over 20,000 workers.

The Global Visionary Award that Sheldon Lavin received reflects the perseverance and determination that Lavin has shown for the growth of OSI Group. India’s Vision World Academy scrutinises the visionary leader who remains on the task of achieving the objectives no matter what. Sheldon Lavin emerged to be the one that meets the requirement. The reason to why he won the award is because he took the company when it was going through fiancé difficulties and he was able to put it into the right shape.

At first, when he joined the company he was playing the role of a financial advisor, but in 1975 Lavin became an active member, with the power to make the critical decisions for the company. After the retirement of Otto, he teamed up with Otto’s sons as a partner. He assisted the company in realising the bigger vision of supplying meat and food product to the rest of the globe.

After Lavin hard work for the betterment of the company, he managed to buy the controlling interest hence taking over the OSI Group. After taking over, he was able to transform the shape of the food processing industry.

Sheldon Lavin has amassed a lot of experiences by working with other investors in the meat and food industry. He believes in working as a team; he has passed the idea of teamwork to the staffs of his company. This has helped the company in retaining its employees. He is an excellent investor who understands the importance of using modern technology to meet customer’s preferences and tastes. He is an extraordinary businessman who has risen from financial advisor position to a level of owning and operating one of the leading meat company in the United States.

Clay Siegall Role in Treating Cancer

When Clay Siegall is mentioned anywhere in the world, he is always associated with the oncology department. Siegall is currently serving as the chief executive officer of a leading biotechnology firm that is known as Seattle Genetics. This is a very prominent company in the United States, and it has been successful in dealing with a disease that keeps many people awake in the night. Siegall is the force that came up with the idea of starting Seattle Genetics several years ago. While serving as the founder of the prestigious company, Clay Siegall has managed to prolong many lives because he has introduced the cure for a disease that has killed many people in the past.

For many years, cancer has made scientist spend many hours in the laboratory while looking for its cure. Cancer is always feared because of the effects it has on the human body. Many people are struggling with the disease, and some of them have lost the battle because their bodies could not tolerate the kind of treatment they were getting for the disease. Clay Siegall realized that most of the treatments that were available for the dangerous disease were not working, and this is when he thought about starting his own firm to come up with medication that was going to be effective. Several years later, the businessman is proud because of the decision he made. Many lives have been saved, and people from all over the world are looking forward to more treatments from his company.

Clay Siegall success in cancer treatment has not come too easily. When the businessman enrolled in the university many years ago, he wanted to deal with animals. Clay Siegall chose to study zoology, and he graduated with First Class Honors because of his commitment to his studies. Clay Siegall decided to take a different turn in his career when one of his family members got cancer. The scientist noticed the poor treatments for cancer in the market, and this is when he decided to go back to school and pursue a degree in genetics. The expertise he got while studying genetics has assisted him in his career life.

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NGP VAN, the Professional Calling Center

NGP VAN was founded in the year two thousand and one but was formerly known as Voter Activation Network. It has its headquarters in Washington and was given the name in two thousand and eleven. The company is a technological incorporation that deals in operating, developing and providing fundraising platforms, products for the social network to organizations on progressive campaigns and democratic organizations and also provides platforms for organizing, field, and media that is new. Majority of its services involve online operations such as integration of social network, contributions online, raising of funds, reporting of compliance and solving of management events.

From the article, the individual is involved in producing videos and organizer of digital progressive for a variety of individuals concerning majority campaigns. Yash Mori got into digital organizing after one of his friends received a letter of deportation from North Carolina. He then decided to join into politics in order to help the friend continue staying there. From this, he was able to join a community organization that helps people meet their various needs such as fighting immigrant rights and other activities. Being the young people in the organization allowed them the opportunity to acquire a privilege of being in the digital part which allowed him to learn more from this. According to him, storytelling should be rooted on truth with real-life experience from an individual closer to you, or oneself for it to be accepted in the community and have their total support.

In addition, telling a story from a community that one is not close to in any way is not so easy, it requires an individual’s listening skills that will make one understand the ways of the people before putting up a video. At other times, Yash Mori has to leave the community if they don’t agree with their need for telling a story about them. NGP VAN has also introduced a call time guiding system which is a predictive dialer that helps in organizing calls more effectively finding the right people and avoiding wrong calls and missed calls. It has enabled the making of thousands of calls creating a large volume of people receiving one’s message in a day. In conclusion, NGP VAN also has a rebel call which is effectively used to counter-attack spreading the fake news about someone or campaigns. It helps in creating the right picture of a person.

Talk Fusion, the way of the Future!

Most of us are accustomed to communicating the old fashioned way, through phone or email. But what if there was a way to send communication through video instead? Talk fusion is a rapidly expanding company that is recognized worldwide for its state of the art video communication technology. The company has been around for just over a decade, and it has helped to revolutionize marketing within businesses everywhere. They have achieved this by creating video conferencing, broadcasting and social networking products. The Talk Fusion application has become popular for allowing companies to increase the appeal of their marketing efforts through video. It is currently being used in 140 countries and continues to add additional features. The most recently added feature is the video chat app which allows business to effortlessly connect with contacts through video email messages. Video email messages are an efficient way to personalize messages to customers. It allows clients, customers and employees to connect without the typical faceless email platform. The app provides various templates for video messaging which allow the user to tailor the message specifically to the target audience.

In addition to video messaging, the app also offers picture messaging and the option to set up group chat rooms. Conversations had using the app can be archived to be reviewed at a later date and time which ensures that no important information gets lost! Best of all the application does not incorporate any advertisements! Talk Fusion is unique in the way that there is no link or attachment that would redirect the recipient to the video. Instead, the video message is readily available through an imbedded link in the email. Those who pay for the service feel that it is a more personal and creative way to communicate within and outside of their organization. The company plans to continue to grow and expand upon the idea of video communication and marketing.

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Successes of InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is among the leading providers of quality health care services to people in North America. The firm has grown tremendously since its establishment and has employed the use of modern and integrated systems to enhance the speed of their operations. The firm’s services are reliable and many people in Puerto Rico have benefited from the high-quality services that the experienced physicians offer. The firm strives to improve the lives of its members and physicians through the provision of value-based health solutions. It has been rated among the best healthcare firms in the country and has also gained popularity due to their ability to offer Medicare and Medicaid plans for affordable treatments of each of their members.


InnovaCare Health has always paid close attention to their patients and they consider them to be the major contributors towards their growth. The firm’s team is highly experienced and strives to create close relationships with their patients so as to monitor them closely with an aim of identifying their health issues so as to offer them with effective solutions to restore back their good health. Besides, the firm`s executives have also worked together with their team of employees so as to identify the problem areas in the firm’s operations with the aim of improving their services.


Additionally, InnovaCare Health has strived to improve their healthcare management and believes that great health management is best achieved when stakeholders in the firm are held accountable for high quality and transparency in the firm`s operations. The leaders in the firm belief that challenges are part of the firm’s operations and together with their team of employees, they have worked together and shared ideas to ensure that they come up with effective solutions to solve the various problems experienced in the firm.


Besides, leadership in InnovaCare is made up of highly skilled leaders that have vast knowledge in the field of medicine. Rick Shinto is among the major icons at the firm and he serves as the CEO of the firm. Shinto fully understands the health industry and he has changed the way of management at the InnovaCare Health firm. He has also published a vast number of journals to address the various health issues. Besides, Rick Shinto has also showcased vast knowledge in clinical science and together with other firm`s executives, he has always strived to see the firm grows to accomplish its goals. He also strives to maintain good communication with his team of employees to ensure that every issue they raise is addressed with immediate effect.