Ted Bauman Explains the Effects of Changes in Wages and Economical Rates

Analyzing the American economy rate, Ted Bauman notes that it’s rising at a fast pace. He gives an example where the gross domestic product increased by over 2.3 percent. The economic analysts are optimistic that in the next six months, many companies might experience an increase in revenues. Some investments realized an increase in their assets that was attributed by customer confidence and in return appreciating in growth. However, Ted Bauman points out that despite the improvement of economic rate and growth in investments values, employees experience a reduction of wage rate from February 2018.

Through his experience, Ted can examine factors affecting wages. He notes that acceleration of economic growth, increase in benefits of competition, productivity optimization, employees’ motivation, and improvement in demand result from wages increase. Ted Bauman adds that the rate of unemployment in the United States of America has decreased since June 2107. Bauman admits that many people think that an increase in the employment rate should decrease a country’s average wage. Many economists are yet to understand the reason as to why the wages are stagnant despite the increase in economic growth rate.

Ted Bauman points out that the current job opportunities surpass the number of job seekers. Many economists believe that different corporations apply some strategies that might result in stagnation of wages despite the availability of job opportunities. Additionally, Ted Bauman notes that many companies do not increase wages because they want to improve their short-term returns. He warns that it can drastically affect the overall demand of the company’s revenue. Ted points out that the wages increase as economic growth accelerates but some people work hard to slow economic growth so that they stagnate wages.

Bauman warns that in the process of reducing economic growth, interest rates might shoot, production decrease and a reduction in investment might take place. Ted Bauman continues to advise that this technique might bring down the number of customers and the company may be forced to reduce the price of its products. He concludes by saying that if many companies in the United States accept to raise wages, the citizens might witness an increase in economic growth also. The demand might increase and trigger an increase in sales hence attracting more investors.

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Isabel dos Santos, one of the African women who is redefining the business world

Isabel dos Santos is an Angolan citizen and the wealthiest female entrepreneur in Africa. Her father is the former president of Angola Jose Eduardo dos Santos. She has been listed by the Forbes Magazine to have a net worth of $3 billion. Her immense wealth is said to come from her family connections and power.


Isabel dos Santos’ early life


Isabel dos Santos was born in Russia and is the first born child of president Jose Eduardo dos Santos. She began schooling in Guinea and later joined Cobham Hall, a boarding school. For undergraduate studies, she obtained a degree in electrical engineering at the King’s College, London. This businesswoman is married to Sindika Dokolo, a Congolese national and they have three children.


Isabel dos Santos career

Despite her background in engineering, she has held senior positions at different companies listed on the European stock exchanges. Having worked overseas for years, she came back home in the early ’90s and took up a position of project manager for Urbana 2000. During her tenure with this company, she began to explore other business frontiers and even started a truck business.


With the widespread of technology in her country, she later ventured into telecoms. Towards the late ’90s, she picked up an interest in hospitality and launched a nightclub “The Miami Beach Club” in Luanda Island. For the last two decades, she has continued to refine her business ideas while investing in various sectors. By 2008, Isabel dos Santos her investments were in the field of finance, telecommunications, media, energy, and retail. With functional businesses in Angola and Portugal, she also ventured in diamonds trades and acquired Angola Cement Company.


For years, Isabel dos Santos has continued to conquer new markets has holdings in some companies such as Esperaza Holding B.V. and Santoro Finance. Isabel dos Santos also has a stake on Trans Africa Investment Services, Condis, and Unitel International Holdings B.V. Often when not running her multi-billion dollar businesses, she speaks on various platforms. In 2019, she will be the keynote speaker for the 2019 Yale African Development Conference. In summary, Isabel dos Santos is one of the most influential African women.


Steve Ritchie Sends Thoughtful Note as CEO

For the past 20 years, one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in the world has continued to be Papa John’s Pizza. During this time, the company was largely lead by John Schnatter, who was the founder and former CEO of the company. In that time period, John Schnatter was also heavily utilized in a marketing campaign and was a major advertiser for the NFL.

While John Schnatter was the leader of the company for some time, he continued to fall on poor graces with the NFL, consumers, and the company’s board of directors. Over the past few years, John Schnatter was seen in some social media posts appearing inebriated and he also publicly blamed the NFL as a cause for decline of pizza sales. The final straw for John Schnatter came when he made a racial slur during a conference call, which offended many members of the organization.

While John Schnatter left a negative impression on the company, Papa John’s appears ready to move on. Shortly after news of the slur spread, the company replaced Schnatter with a new CEO in Steve Ritchie. While Steve Ritchie was already known well by people in the business world and company, he took it upon himself to apologize for recent past mistakes made by the former founder and CEO of the company. Steve Ritchie made several comments stating that the prior year was very hard for him as he saw the former CEO make many key mistakes, not the least of which was the racial slur that he used.

In a statement made to the staff of the company, Steve Ritchie also wanted to thank each of the employees. Due to the sheer size of the organization, nothing is more important than having a dedicated staff. While many of these people worked hard for Papa John’s for a long time, many were left offended. It is hoped by Steve Ritchie and the rest of the senior staff at Papa John’s that the change in leadership will encourage most of them to stay. The letter and note left by the CEO should be a step in that direction.

OSI Industries Largest Food Provider

OSI Industries has its roots lie in immigration. It all began with a small retail meat market and butcher shop. In time they were able to expand into the wholesale business rebranding as Otto & Sons in 1928. Luck shone on the business when Ray Kroc of McDonald’s fame contracted Otto & Sons to provide fresh ground beef for his soon to be blossoming franchise.

Soon they became a global corporation OSI Group. Many innovative ideas followed and close association with McDonald’s. In 1973 they built the first plant that was entirely dedicated to the McDonald’s product line. Then in 1975, they became OSI Industries. Soon they were on a great business venture along with McDonald’s moving from North American facilities to international in Germany and in Spain. The company was fast becoming a multinational corporation and one of the largest companies in the U.S.

Presently they are among the most active food providers in the world building on expansions and joint ventures in many different countries around the world. OSI Industries added on OSI Asia-Pacific going into a joint venture with K&K Foods in Taiwan. They also entered into joint ventures in China and this made for more expansive international growth when China’s economy rose rapidly at the turn of the 21st century. OSI Industries has many new clients and has continued their spurt of growth in the U.S. entering into a partnership with National Pizza and Foods.

At the beginning of the 2000s, OSI Industries added on a new product line – poultry processing. Later on, making the purchase of the poultry company Amick Farms and in 2010 going into a joint venture with Weihai Poultry in China. They continue to expand globally in giant steps in Europe and in China and along with their expansion in North America they have truly become one of the largest food providers in the world proving that immigrant dreams can become a reality.

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Talos Energy Is Working Hard On The Appraisal Of A Major Discovery:

Tim Duncan, 45 years of age, is the CEO as well as the founder of Texas-based exploratory drilling firm Talos Energy. Things have been quite busy for this dedicated entrepreneur as of late as he recently closed on the accomplishment of what is one of the biggest deals in Talos Energy history. This deal was the successful merger with another exploratory drilling firm known as Stone Energy. This significant merger came in at a total of $2.5 billion and has some extensive benefits for Talos Energy. Beyond the fact that Talos has the benefits of adding the Stone Energy operations to its own, the biggest advantage might be the fact that Talos Energy was able to pick up the Stone Energy public listing. The bottom line is that this seemingly risky move on the part of Tim Duncan and his team at Talos Energy also has the benefit of allowing the firm to go public and to do so without the extensive expenses of an initial public offering.

This move to consolidate with Stone Energy Corporation has also been huge for Talos Energy because of the boost it provides while the firm gets more deeply involved in its work on the Zama Discovery. This oil field off of the coast of the Gulf of Mexico is one of massive potential and Talos Energy is heading up a conglomerate of firms that have recently had their appraisal plan approved by the National Hydrocarbons Commission, known as CNH, which is Mexico’s gas and oil regulation body.

For Talos Energy, the obtaining of approval through the CNH is one of the critical steps required for the company to truly be able to get a correct appraisal of the value of the Zama field. As of now, the CNH is putting in the time to review items such as drilling permit applications. These are necessary in order for the Talos Energy led team of firms to begin the drilling process. As of now, officials with Talos Energy believe according to estimates that this appraisal program will reach its conclusions by midway through the 2019 calendar year.

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Marc Beer: Closing Another Round of Investments for PFD Victims

The human race has been plagues with a lot of sicknesses, diseases, dysfunctions, disorders and viruses over all the years that we have existed in this world. You may say that diseases and illnesses have been the top predators of human kind – more than natural phenomenon and man-made disasters, diseases and illnesses affect us the most because they affect our daily lives, they affect our social and familial relations, diseases affect how we think, act and feel, and illnesses directly affects our quality of life. And one of the diseases that can go unnoticed by the public eye because this disease is not as instant, not as fatal and not as critical as other diseases like cancer, heart diseases or brain trauma – but it is a disease that can greatly affect your daily physical functions- and this disease is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/


Pelvic Floor Dysfunction concerns the group and the conglomerate of muscles that are located in the pelvis area. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is the injury, damage and / or the weakening of these cluster of muscles – and they affect the surrounding systems that directly or indirectly depend on these muscles. Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions can affect bowel movement, urinary flow, constipation, physical activity, and sexual functions.


Pelvic Floor Dysfunction can affect anyone, no matter the sex. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction generally come with age, and target more of the female population. Roughly about 25% of the population of the United States are affected by Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, and from this 25% half of them are women that are of 80 years old or above, and about a quarter of this quarter is aged 50-79 years old. This makes Pelvic Floor Dysfunction a disease that is common to the population and it requires proper, accessible, efficient and effective treatments and it needs fast and accurate diagnosis to this disease so that it can be treated right away if it as detected in a victim.


One of the most concerned people in helping the victims of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is Marc Beer, in fact, Marc Beer started an organization that is completely dedicated to helping people that are suffering from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Renovia Incorporated, headed and founded by Marc Beer, is completely dedicated to particularly improving the quality of life of people that are suffering from the dysfunction. Renovia Inc is focused on developing new techniques, innovating new medicine and experimenting on new treatments just to help cater to the needs of the victims of the dysfunction. And recently, Marc Beer has closed a 42 million dollar deal (venture debt included) with health care investors and philanthropists in order to progress even further with the development of new ways and techniques to help people who are suffering with the dysfunction.


Talos Energy : A New Partnership With Pemex

This past year, Talos Energy in conjunction with their Zuma project uncovered an enormous oil deposit with an estimated 2 billion barrels of oil. Although this was an incredible and no doubt profitable discovery for Talos Energy, data also shows that more can be found on a block next to them, however, this block in the Gulf extends into Pemex territory, the Mexican state-run oil company.

Talos CEO Tim Duncan was quoted as saying that they would like to see Pemex’s data on this block and therefore he hopes a partnership can be formed as quickly as possible. The issue here, however, is the historic tradition of Pemex in not partnering up with an outside corporation. This tradition dates back to the 1930’s when it was ruled into law that the state would not allow any state or private company to drill in Mexican waters. Although Mexico eventually made it to the levels of today’s oil companies, soon accusations of corruption rose dramatically leading the government to cut almost 1/3 of Pemex’s funding. Since then the Pemex has struggled to keep up with demand.

Although this seemed like an open and shut case for Duncan, the timing could have not been better. President-Elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has been more than open to the idea of allowing these partnerships to take place, in fact, one of Obrador’s most eye-catching campaign promises was to strengthen Pemex.

Finally, in September of this year, the Mexican oil regulators approved plans for the Zuma project to go forward. Talos Energy is looking to invest a whopping $325 million to drill two new wells on a Pemex block. Tim Duncan commented that the project will begin towards the end of November and will produce over 150,000 barrels of oil per day by the year 2023.

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Victoria Doramus Works Toward A Day Where Shelters Don’t Kill Animals

Victoria Doramus is highly skilled at developing digital and print media projects. She also has built a successful career studying trends for consumer products and services. Her professional career began in 2006 at the media firm Mindshare in Santa Monica, California, where she negotiated with media vendors and developed advertising campaigns involving both print and multimedia.

Now living in New York City, she enjoys spending her time volunteering for not-for-profits. She is recovering from addictions and finds that helping others is a very important part of that. People aren’t the only ones that need help, though, Victoria Doramus says. Too many pet cats and dogs end up in shelters where they are killed for the “crime” of being sick, old, or the shelter is filled up.

It’s for these reasons that Victoria Doramus is a committed volunteer of the national nonprofit Best Friends Animal Society. She wholeheartedly supports their goal of stopping the killing of animals in shelters everywhere in the United States. This charity has built partnerships and community programs in many cities with the goal of saving each animal in a shelter.

Started in the 1980s, Best Friends Animal Society was started by some friends who would take animals from shelters to a safe place where they could heal. They were provided with healthcare, including medicine, and provided with the love and attention they craved. Most of these dogs and cats end up in loving homes while the rest went to sanctuaries where they could live out their lives.

Victoria Doramus recognizes the fact that all animals are worthy of being loved. She hopes that one day this organization’s mission comes true which is that no more animals will ever be killed again in a shelter.

She helps out the cause however she can. Victoria Doramus can be spotted fundraising for this organization or helping to staff an adoption event. She also helps educate the public through campaigns because she wants to save as many lives of cats and dogs as she can. She encourages others to get involved or make a donation.

Alex Hern On The 5G Forum

The 5G technology at the 5G forum.

5G is the immediate future mobile computing technology. Every generation is developed to be better than the previous, thus supporting better and additional features in data transmission. It is anticipated that 5G will not just be better than 4G, but will be evolutionary and transform the different fields in computer science. During the 5G forum in San Francisco, Alex Hern, the founder of Tsunami XR, explained how 5G will facilitate developments in augmented and virtual reality. For people to embrace and utilize virtual reality platforms, according to Hern, they need to be well informed, the consumer needs a “beautiful story” to understand virtual reality.

Virtual reality helps us to project the real world in a virtual space, like in medicine or entertainment. This technology, in medicine, can be used to project human anatomy for analysis and manipulating to get actual results without putting the patient at risk. In entertainment, Virtual reality has been used to project films and games that make the user part of them. By wearing the VR gadgets, the user becomes one with the computer. Their movements are simulated and synchronized with the system. In VR, 5G will mainly be used to enhance the consumer experience in terms of body movements and visual artifacts that are simulated. 5G will greatly increase the latency sensitivity.

Virtual reality requires high resolution and high video quality since it’s transmitted wirelessly. 5G will be able to support the very high frame rate which causes high video bit rate, which is not supported by current Gs and computer capabilities, to achieve the desired user experience. Another feature that makes 5G better for virtual reality according to Alex Hern, is the need for speed in its applications, systems, and circuits.
Alex Hern.

Alex Hern is a colorful businessman and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in computer related businesses. His main focus is in the early stages of business development which have seen him establish computer technology firm and sell them while still in their early stages of the business life cycle. Alex Hern and a team of world-class leaders hold the steering wheel of Tsunami XR, a firm that provides computer-related services like security and VR support services.

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Gareth Henry’s Unique Attributes

Gareth Henry is uniquely situated to get the word out on a new private credit product and to raise capital therefor for a number of reasons. For starters, Mr. Henry holds an actuarial mathematics degree from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, which distinguishes him for your typical investor in that the usual holders of such a degree usually end up being employed in insurance industry and if need be, Garth Henry could do the complicated math that sometimes is necessary in the world of private credit investing. Moreover, Mr. Henry is particularly endowed with the ability to converse meaningfully with people from diverse backgrounds. It is precisely because of this natural gift that Gareth Henry decided to enter the investing industry. Mr. Henry is able to have meaningful talks with his clients, his colleagues, and even strangers about investing. In addition, Gareth Henry has extensive experience with successfully raising capital and investor relations in his storied career in the investing industry, which includes heading the International Investor Relations and the Global Investor Relations for the Fortress Investment Group and directing Strategic Solutions for Schroder.

Furthermore, Gareth Henry is a very hard-working individual who is extremely committed to his work. Mr. Henry begins workday placing phone calls to clients residing various parts of the world at 7 A.M. in the morning. He makes at least 8-10 calls to clients as well as a minimum of 2 face-to-face meetings with clients daily. Mr. Henry devotes all possible time he has to his job so as to assure that success is his and he will move heaven and earth to see that his ideas are brought to life. He also believes in soliciting feedback from his clients, his team, and his colleagues on the theory that it is imperative that he understands all the surrounding circumstances which he is operating within in order to properly be able to meet his clients’ needs.

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