Contributions of David McDonald to the Growth of OSI Group

OSI Group is a global provider of food products that boasts of excellent growth over the years. The company is headed by David McDonald an Iowa born and raised citizen. He studied Animal Science at the Iowa State University from where he gained his Bachelor’s Degree.

At the time of joining the company, he served as its Project Manager and he was serving North American Meat Institute as their Chairman. McDonald has designed a number of strategies that have seen the company register remarkable growth.

Notably, after he took over the company as its president, huge strides have been made, putting it on the international map as one of the most successful food service providers.

Besides working for OSI Food Solutions, he is also devoted to utilizing available resources to positively impact the community of Iowa State. In line with this, he is actively involved in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative, which develops entrepreneurial opportunities for college students.

Specifically, in 2011 he planned a visit to the OSI facilities in China for some students, one of whom currently works with the organization.

David McDonald also supports his organization, Alpha Gamma Rho, through generous scholarship funding. For instance, during the building of a fundraiser campaign for AGR house, McDonald was among the first support the initiative. Basically, this involvement shows McDonald’s devotion to promoting the success of not only OSI Food Solutions but also that of others in the community.

David McDonald has been involved in a number of ventures that seek to promote the success of OSI Group. Among them is the purchase of the famous Baho Foods, a company that concentrated on Deli meat among other food products.

The acquisition did not only help the company to gain a great presence in the European Food delivery sector, but also placed it in a better position in the international arena.

Notable is also the establishment of poultry farming in one of the world’s leading poultry farming countries; China. According to McDonald, this is one of the most successful ventures that the company has ever undertaken.

McDonald, who has served OSI Group for 30 years opines that they have been able to make excellent progress as a result of the dynamic partnerships they establish with their customers., Striving to satisfy the needs of their customers has also helped them to grow.

Moreover, according to David McDonald, getting new customers and keeping the existing ones has not been very challenging since they observe high-quality standards and impeccable service delivery.

Innovation And Technology At Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is an innovative leader that has gained a huge presence in the field. They focus on niche investment strategies as well as unique standards of operation throughout various areas of commerce. With thousands of employees and national offices in both New York and San Francisco, there are a lot of advantages to working with Fortress Investment Group.

There have been several notable changes within the organization in recent years. They have gained popularity and were recently bought out by Soft Bank. They also were one of few investment agencies that were previously privately owned. These landmark achievements have been propagated by expertise as well as powerful leadership. Overall there are a lot of opportunities for growth when working with this world-class organization. They have continuously demonstrated their progress both with innovative investment methods and technology.

The results are incredible because of ongoing strategies as well as the personalized attention that each client receives. They have also worked to incorporate novel methods to get the best results with long-term investments. Overall the outcomes have been powerful because of the continued diversification of assets. Fortress Investment Group has specialists that know about hedge funds and capital investment based on individualized needs. With effective corporate and regional management, Fortress Investment Group has become a premier banking firm today.

The founders wrote to their employees at the time that the merger with Soft Bank was in line with their original mission and would give them a chance to reach a wider global market. The new owners are keen on becoming market leaders in the unfolding information age. They have set their sights on internet services, telecommunications, smart robotics, clean energy and the internet of things. By purchasing Fortress, Softbank wanted to add some investment expertise to help it in the pursuit of its holy grail, becoming a leader in the information revolution.

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Alex Hern: Moving Forward With Goals And Innovation

Businessman, Alex Hern is known for his entrepreneurship spirit that has afforded him a career that has lasted nearly 25 years. He has served as the director and founder for many companies that have gone public. He is all about pushing the boundaries of new innovative ways in dealing with advanced technology. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer and sole founder of Tsumai. Hern shares that his ideas for his business generally came from the era that involved CPU-driven computers changing into GUP-drive machines. He knew early on that there would be a need to have software applications platforms that customers can access.

A typical day for Alex Hern involved taking the time to concentrate at least 4 to 5 hours a day. This greatly allows him to reach his goals and focus on what’s important to move company forward. Multitasking can be a big mistake in his eyes, especially when only focusing on science and studies. He believes that the more we get caught up in trying to do everything at once, our performance goes down. People should practice putting their phone down once in a while in his opinion.

Hern brings his ideas to life by simply enjoying quiet time, while most may be sleeping. He always rids himself of distractions to focus on the task at hand. Hern explains that this is imperative in order to focus on the next exciting innovation. Hern is locked in to focusing on what drives his business and what additional things are possible in extending it. However, he does get excited about machine learning and artificial intelligence. This also includes cloud-based computing in terms of graphic intense applications on the market. One of her biggest habits for him is maintaining his overall focus. He has made it clear that this can be a difficult task and you must work at it.

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Why Tim Duncan Of Talos Energy Is Not Joining The Land Race Onshore Soon

Ever heard of blessings in disguise? Tim Duncan can stand tall and agree that some disasters do bring good tidings. As he negotiated and tried to close a deal, he was rendered homeless. His home in the North of Houston was submerged under the Hurricane Harvey water.

That did not deter him from going on with his deal at the comfort of his parents’ home. Under the watchful eyes of his money managers, River stone and Apollo Global Management they engaged the Stone Company. Franklin Templeton Investments and Mackay Shields the bondholders concluded the deal on May.

Talos Energy were now owners of assets worth $900 million in the Gulf of Mexico. The downside was the cost of drilling in the waters since it was on the high side, the possibility of a spill and the political instability of region. But Tim Duncan could not let the opportunity pass.

Was It a Loss or Gain?

Stone Company was bankrupt but a public entity. Talos energy was on the venture of going public, and Duncan saw the opportunity since he would avoid public offering. Secondly, the Pombano Platform worth $ 200 million was part of the company. They were to be assets to help in the tie back of discoveries referred to as, developed deep water model.

Talos energy is doing well in the Gulf of Mexico with current production of 48,000 barrels per day. They have also hit seven dusters in the twenty eight attempts. The future is also promising since the government is also offering more federal land for leasing. It was a win for the Talos Energy.

History of Talos Energy

Tim Duncan inspiration came from Zilkha Energy where he witnessed his first sale of a company. He started off with Gryphon Exploration and Talos Energy was formed in the year 2012. They are also the owners of Phoenix field. There experienced setbacks through hurricane, but due to their persistence, they are estimating to discover new reservoirs. Despite hanging on loops most of the time, the journey is very promising.

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The City Of Austin Opens Its Doors To Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a reputable investment banking firm based in Chicago, Illinois. The international firm was founded in 2005, and throughout its 13 years of activity it grew and expanded into a leading player in the financial industry due to its financial advisory services. They have offices in America, Africa and Asia, and their services range from business valuation and corporate tax planning to merger and acquisition services.



In addition to the large number of services they offer, the firm specializes in dealing with business in the middle market. Their mission is to position their clients on the path to success in the global marketplace, as they view the emerging markets as core components that drive the growth of their clients. Due to the strict manner in which they hold every project to the highest standard, the firm earned the trust of their clients, their client portfolio including names from all across the world. Additionally, Madison Street Capital plays their role into making a difference within both the local and the global community through philanthropic support of organizations such as United Way.



Through hard work and dedication, Madison Street Capital’s team infused the firm with the much needed experience to survive and thrive in the industry. The firm earned many honors in the annual M&A Advisor Awards, and also received nomination in the categories of boutique investment banking, as well as strategic deal making and professional services. Additionally, members of the team have also received honors, the co-founder Anthony Marsala receiving recognition in the NACVA program ‘40 Under Forty’, which honors rising stars for their contributions towards helping the community and commitment to their firms.



Recently, Madison Street Capital announced its plans to expand to Austin, Texas. The city of Austin is the birthplace of many important companies, such as Whole Foods Market, and Dell, and it is also the adopted home of companies like Google and Dropbox, among others. Despite having a big tech scene, many companies from different industry found their home in Austin. Additionally, despite the fact that many large corporations are part of the landscape, smaller businesses are still able to thrive.



This rich scene made Austin a desirable new location for Madison Street Capital. The CEO noted that Austin is becoming a business and tech hub and that Madison Street Capitals wants to provide their clients regional access to their highly skilled professionals. He also mentioned the fact that he is thrilled that this expansion happens to be in his home town, which gives him the opportunity to play a role in its economic growth. They are currently searching for office locations and are aiming to open their doors in the early part of 2019.


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Paul Mampilly Says Conventional Construction Taking Backseat To 3D Printing

“Seven days,” says Paul Mampilly, investment advisor. “Homes can now be built using 3D printing in just seven days. Attempts to create houses with 3D printers have been underway for several years, but Silicon Valley companies are just a few that can produce homes in a short amount of time.

Just the same with basic necessities, like food and water, having dependable shelter is a basic requirement to live, and nearly half a million Americans are without shelter. Non-profit agency, New Story can manufacture houses for nearly $4000. The cost is so low because almost all components of are assembled in 3D printer. New Story currently supports housing problems in Haiti, El Salvador and Bolivia, and 3D printing could be an option to solve housing problems, says Paul Mampilly.

Though 3D printers have been used for construction in the past, only the parts, not the whole house, were made. Humans have completed the assembly, but 3D printers are able to complete the entire process.

Taking On Housing Crisis Close to Home

In New York, the Norwegian design agency, Framlab has launched a project aimed at creating housing for the homeless with the help of 3D printing, as the number of homeless people is rising rapidly. There are close to 100,000 homeless in New York and surrounding areas, but as Paul Mampilly points out, with the help of 3D printing, this crisis could be quickly alleviated.

This new concept is going to skyrocket, says Mampilly. Using his expertise in various industries, Paul Mampilly brings investors the very best opportunities. His ahead-of-the-curve insights have made him a favorite when it comes to the one percent wanting to know where to invest their assets. His common sense approach combined with his first hand knowledge of high-tech industries and a high success rate has him aptly referred to as an investment guru.

Mampilly is also a well-known, and respected senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing Company where he gives readers solid investment advice.

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Freedom Checks As Legitimate Securities.

Freedom checks is a legal form of investment that has recently been discussed by media and most of the viewers writing them off and arguing that it is a scam. It has been proven that they do follow the United States tax code in operation for more than 30 years. The many causes of the write off have been identified to be that the average people do question the legitimacy as well as lack of clear understanding of these Freedom checks. Furthermore, they do lack clear identity of Matt Badiali qualification and to which boss does he serve.

Matt Badiali serves as financial analyst who schooled in Penn State University where he was bestowed with Earth Science Knowledge. He later on proceeded with his academics in the University of Florida Atlantic where he was awarded a Master of Science in Geology. He is the establisher of Freedom check that is one of the dominant programs of investment in the United States, and he has the largest holding worth $114, 287. In the line of duty, Matt had a chance to tour all over the world while inspecting the mines and wells. Also, during his training as a geologist, he had the opportunity to interrogate several CEOs and to learn more about investment straight from the source.

The Freedom Checks have several limitations such as; the company is involved in the trade must accept to make annual payments and also they are fueled by revenues such as in processing, storage, and transportation. Freedom checks have turn out to be very distinct from other scams because they are characterized to be a form of investment. It is therefore clear that no free money is being given out, but it depends on commitments put in place to have a profit at a future date.

In conclusion, Freedom checks have proven to be legitimate securities that yield huge returns due to the advantage of being Income tax-free investment. The reason being that Freedom check are considered to be a return of capital by the government. Also, they are all inclusive since they can be bought and sold for less than $10 thus being affordable to every person.

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OSI Food Solutions awards

Sheldon Lavin Awards

Sheldon Lavin, the chairman and CEO of OSI Group, LLC was the recipient of the 2016 Global Visionary Award. The Vision World Academy, India gives this award. To win this award, one must show that they have turned their business dreams into realities. One must have accomplished his or her goals in business. Sheldon Lavin proved to be that person who has returned his dreams into reality through OSI Group. When Mr. Lavin arrived at OSI, it was just a modest family food business which had one client- the McDonald’s. They were dealing with meat processing and supplying to the McDonald’s which at the time had just joined the food business. His accomplishment is that after joining, he transformed the company into a multi-billion business that has a presence in over 17 countries. The company has also opened over 65 production plants in different parts of the world to serve their customers.

OSI Group Awards

OSI Food Solutions has received recognition for the accomplishments it has made. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin performance in this company has been the best. In 2017, OSI Food Solution UK received the international Safety Award from the British Safety Council. This is an award that is given to a business that shows commitment to safety management and good health of their customers. OSI Food Solutions have won this award many times. In fact, since 2006, they have won it 11 times. OSI has also received the Globe Honour Award from the British Safety Council for its excellence in implementing environmental friendly production methods.


OSI Food Solutions has made some significant acquisitions in the past few years as part of its commitment to serving their customers approximately. They have also been pursuing a global expansion plan that will see their business operation take place in all parts of the world. In the expansion plan that has been rolling out, the company has acquired some vital business in Europe. The acquisitions started with Baho Food. OSI Food Solutions acquired the Dutch food company in 2016. The intention was to grow the company’s influence in Europe. At the same time, they acquired Flagship Europe which was later renamed “Creative Foods.”

Sussex Healthcare Believes In Giving More Chances To Elderly Patients

Since Sussex Healthcare started helping people with elder care, they knew they had a good idea of what they could do to give back. They also knew things would continue changing for the company if they could help people understand what they were doing to make things work. They always wanted to try helping others and try giving back to them in different situations. It made more sense for them to show people what they could do and how they could react to different situations. Out of everything they did to help, Sussex Healthcare knew they had to make sure they were coming up with positive opportunities. The industry kept changing and more people had chances to learn about what they could get on their own. It was their idea of creating  positive experience that led to the company doing a good job of helping other people.

After Sussex learned about how they could help give back to all the patients they took care of, they made the choice to continue hiring people who cared about their goals. They wanted others to realize they were getting things done the right way and they always focused on the benefits that came along with how hard they worked. Sussex Healthcare knew what people wanted. They also knew their employees needed to be the kind of people who could truly make a difference for everyone in the industry. If they had that, they would have a company that was truly successful in different areas.

The ideas they focused on all went back to how hard they were working and what they did while they were working. They knew what people wanted to get out of different situations and focused on giving back to others. Sussex Healthcare knew people needed a company that would stand up for them. They also knew more people would have the chance to do the best work possible. It made more sense for those who were in difficult situations to do the best work possible. Sussex Healthcare continued showing people they could do this work for their patients.

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NGP VAN Does Great Things For Society And For Political Candidates

Politicians have two primary goals: first, they must get elected to the office they’re running for – this feat is by far the most difficult of the two – and then represent the constituents of the districts they’re selected to represent. Political campaigns find out what their potential constituents are supporters of through canvassing, an age-old process by which politicians, their paid staffers, and volunteers solicit opinions and support for those campaigns – in some cases, door-to-door canvassers aim to get people to vote against a candidate or party.

How do campaigns know where to canvas? How do they keep up with the information they solicit?

Virtually everything in today’s world is turning towards technology. Fast food joints, manufacturers, other businesses, government agencies, and just about every other business entity imaginable are collectively picking up various forms of tech to perform better – and make their jobs easier, too.

In the past – as with most data – political campaign supporters would mark data down on paper. Handling such data was difficult without the help of computers society has to access to today. Today, canvassers can use tablets, smartphones, and other devices regardless of whether they have access to the Internet or not to store information like donations received, who put them forward, the values of those donors, and countless other things that political campaigns should never take for granted.

NGP VAN is a politically-geared software known for its affiliation with the United States’ Democratic Party and progressive movements across the nation; it was used by Barack Obama’s campaign, for example, in both the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, as well as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential election.

NGP VAN does great things for good causes

For thousands of years, women, various races, homosexuals, and persons of other demographics have been discriminated against for no reason other than such demographical traits that they were born with. Only recently has such discrimination begun to fade away.

NGP VAN is dedicated to helping such historically-repressed demographics get ahead – just earlier this year, the company hosted the “Day Without a Woman” event to show support for females.