Dr. Dov Rand: Taking a Brand New Approach to Treating Age related Conditions

Medicine can often be a rewarding field as it gives the practitioner an opportunity to take care of sick individuals and make them feel like people again. No other field can be more rewarding than than dealing with aging patients. As people age, they often feel less adequate as they lose their ability to do things they were once able to do. The aging process also comes with a series of new ailments that only further this discontentment with oneself. At no other age is a doctor more necessary for a person then when that person hits their golden years. Having a caring and professional doctor that does not simply write off all aging ailments as common and therefore not worthy of treatment is essential for not only health but peace of mind.


Finding such a doctor is difficult but critical. An example of a doctor dedicated to treating issues associated with the aging process is Dr. Dov Rand. Dr. Rand is passionate about relieving and treating conditions as they appear. One condition that he feels that people don’t take seriously enough his erectile dysfunction. Nearly 50% of men suffer from it. Despite this fact, anyone who begins experiencing the condition immediately feels shame. Instead of feeling as though the condition is a personal failure Dr. Dov Rand suggests that will suffering from the condition find an expert to consult. Erectile dysfunction is regularly associated with other more severe conditions.


Dr. Dov Rand established his specialized practice, the healthy aging medical centers over a decade ago. Since then he has used these locations as a place to treat a wide ranging spectrum of disorders and medical issues. Since beginning his practice Dr. Dov Rand has developed a reputation for his innovative strategies for treatment. He prides himself on his ability to see beyond the condition to the person. Thinking this manner emboldens him to try less conventional means of treatment. His strategies have been praised as being forward thinking in their approach and exceptional in their results. Perhaps what is most exceptional about him as a physician is his ability to understand the fundamentals of his field and put them to practical use.

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