Dick Devos, Destined For Greatness

Dick Devos was destined for greatness from birth. He has had a great role model, his father Amway founder Richard Devos, to show him exactly what hard work and determination could do. An feature publication was released in the summer of 2017 on Crain’s Detroit Business, the piece shows just how dedicated and motivated Dick Devos has been his entire adult life.


The article discusses how Dick has used his personal connections and incentive to help shape the employment and educational opportunities in his hometown. It discusses, in depth, how his efforts have been responsible for the construction of several building projects in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. These successful projects included a convention center, medical school, performance hall, and several other sites. His efforts and determination were also the leading forces that caused the termination of construction of several other projects in the city. Dick Devos and his wife, Betsy, have also been very instrumental in the way public schools are funded and parents’ rights to school choice in Grand Rapids. In the past decade, the very successful couple has also funded a high school. The school has a curriculum with emphasis in learning all about the aviation industry. The school is called The West Michigan Aviation Academy. The school opened in 2010 and has steadily grown in enrollment every year since.


The feature also discusses his, and his wife Betsy’s, desire and drive in the world of politics. They have both been very active in the local politics of their hometown for many years. Dick and Betsy have both sat on several boards, committees, and organized numerous fundraisers for various causes. These ambitions have recently exceeded their hometown governmental level. Both Dick and his wife are now very much involved in politics on a national level. Dick Devos currently holds the highest nonmilitary position for the Federal Aviation Administration. Betsy Devos is the current Secretary of Education. Their numerous charitable contributions have included various Republican agendas and party members.


There is no telling where Dick Devos’s ambitions will lead him next. He has created numerous job opportunities, helped shape the educational system in his hometown, and many other amazing tasks. He even convinced an airline CEO to bring business to a virtually unknown airline in the middle of Michigan. There is little doubt that, no matter what Dick chooses to do in the future, he will do it with his entire drive and motivation and he will succeed.


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