Meet Real Estate Juggernaut Hussain Sajwani!

DAMAC Properties, a worldwide property development leader, was founded by Chairman Hussain Sajwani. He attended the University of Washington where he specialized in Economics and Industrial Engineering.


Mr. Sajwani established a career in catering services in 1982. His company aggressively became a leader in the industry, serving 150,000+ meals daily and directing over 200 catering projects in the Middle East, Africa, and the CIS.


The billionaire later became a juggernaut in the property development business in Dubai. In 2002, Hussain Sajwani created DAMAC Properties which has reached the heights of becoming one of the largest property development companies in the Middle East. DAMAC Properties has made its real estate mark globally by enhancing major Middle Eastern cities, and London. His property development portfolio stands to impress, with over 40,000 units plus 17,000+ homes.


DAMAC has experienced substantial growth, which stems from Mr. Sajwani’s business intellect and corporate views. He leads through sustaining long-term business success and unrivaled prosperity. DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani has sound experience in the global equity and capital investment markets; acquiring a portfolio of extensive securities.


Hussain Sajwani spent his childhood years helping the family business which sparked his entrepreneurial spirit. While studying in the US, he sold time-share apartments which later afforded him seed money for a business venture. He was employed for two years before discovering that he prefers working for himself, then launched a catering business that thrived regionally. Later, his interests took a shift towards real estate. Mr. Sajwani developed modest hotels, and over time he spearheaded larger high-rises in prominent Dubai locations.


DAMAC’s owner is intrigued with social media and travels to broaden his horizons and consider other viewpoints or perspectives. He fondly looks at his successes and failures as an integral element of who he is. He recalls making difficult choices that ultimately catapulted his business conquests. One piece of advice the billionaire offers is to invest in real estate; he recommends focusing on a city that has growth potential. Businessman and investor, Hussain Sajwani prides himself on learning new skills, repositioning himself business-wise, and setting the bar for newfound successes.


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