Betsy DeVos Is a Philanthropy Lover

Betsy DeVos has been extremely active in the philanthropy world for decades and decades now. She’s an example of an individual who displays a genuine sense of compassion for all of her fellow human beings. She’s particularly eager about specific kinds of philanthropic matters as well. DeVos has been a major pioneer in the educational-reform universe for a long time. She has worked tirelessly to make big changes to education in the United States. She has been successful in many ways as well. DeVos’ persistent efforts have contributed to increasing parental cooperation in education. There are actually many young students who now get to attend schools that have their parents’ enthusiastic approval. Students in the past often had no option but to enroll in schools that were determined by their neighborhoods and their neighborhoods alone. That was a serious concern for countless parents located all throughout the nation. DeVos picked up on that, too. DeVos is a philanthropist and reformer who also happens to be a highly perceptive and intuitive woman.


Betsy DeVos is not the type of person who settles for results that are anything less than extraordinary. That’s just one of the many reasons she’s such an admired force in the philanthropy community. People know that DeVos isn’t someone who ever gives up easily or at all.

Politics has been close to DeVos’ heart for a long while. She was a hard-working volunteer for President Gerald Ford as an eager young woman in the seventies. She’s been part of the Michigan Republican Party. She’s been part of the Republican National Committee as well. Her time with the Republican National Committee began in 1992 and ended six successful years later in 1998. DeVos created the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation back in 1989. She did this with the assistance of her loving husband, a man called Dick. The goal behind the organization was to do positive things for the planet and to show gratitude. Focal points for the foundation include leadership, justice, the arts, education and community. Betsy and Dick are two individuals who spend a lot of time thinking about all kinds of community issues. Their foundation has given its in-depth assistance to a wide range of trusted organizations. Examples of these organizations include but are not restricted to the West Michigan Aviation Academy, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Pediatric Oncology Program, ArtPrize, and last but not least, the American Federation for Children. Betsy DeVos is constantly searching for new ways to do positive things for the many people in this world. Her number one goal is to do something day in and day out to encourage positive and productive change in modern society. Her husband has the same goal. Visit Betsy’s profile page on

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